“Final Fantasy VI” Pixel Limaster version “Turning the Magic Rank” is to be corrected. Receiving the voices of fans with “something different”

Square Enix announced that there is a plan to correct the production of the magic train in the “ Final Fantasy VI ” Pixel Remaster version on February 18th. In the product version that will be released on February 24, it seems that “Correctly” Meteo Strike will be decided.

“Final Fantasy VI” Pixel Remaster version is a work that remastered “Final Fantasy VI” released in 1994. In the world where the magic disappears, the destiny of the characters living with various purposes is drawn. In the remastered version, dot picture graphics are renewed with high resolution, and the song is arranged with the full supervision of Mamatsu. In addition, a device that is easy to play, such as balance adjustment, UI improvement, and automatic battle mounting, and elements such as monster pictorial books and illustration galleries are also added.

Under such circumstances, Square Enix has also appealed to the factors taken over from the original version. That is a scene of “throwing a magic river”. Magic cars appear in “Final Fantasy VI” Boss Carrator. A unique battle effect that the party will fight while the party runs on the track.

Even so, it is possible to attack the magic train as usual. The mash of the party character can also determine the mete strike. Meteo Strike grabs the enemy and jumps over sky and strikes the ground. The figure of the mash lifting and lifting the huge magic car was strongly impacted and partially scaled.

Square enix that was appealing with Twitter as the production that lifts and beat these magic cars is also included in the Pixellimaster version. However, there was a somewhat different from the original. In the original version, the magic rows when hitting a hit, the upper and lower were back and down, but the magic rows posted in the tweet are not upside down. Although it is a trivial point, the fans are pointed out one after another because it is a very impressive scene (related articles).

And on February 18, Square Enix posts a further tweet with these echo. The development team is explained that it is at the end of the next week’s launch, and it is said that the comments that point out that the magic rail is not hit with Meteo Strike. The other day’s video was told that it was planned to be adjusted at the time of release as a pre-release version. Inspection from the content of the tweet, the production of the magic car is likely to be corrected in the form of fans.

The reaction of various fans will be posted in the reply column of the tweets. Among the reply, I am also commented on the posture of Square Enix that pumps the fans up to the minor production surface. “Final Fantasy VI” Pixel Limaster Version, which can be requested by various users. It’s also the back of the basic popularity of the original. Square enix is ​​to be focused on how to meet the user’s voice before the sale.

The Pixel Remaster version of “Final Fantasy VI” is scheduled to be delivered on February 24 for PC (STeam) and iOS / Android.

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