Dead by Daylight reveals the chapter of Ringu

Last updated there is February 17, 2022

Dead by Daylight | Sadako Rising | Reveal Trailer

Earlier this week, we saw that Dead by Daylight planned to reveal a chapter for what will be released in March 2022. And now we have the juicy details of the Ringu chapter.

Called Sadako Rising, this is the 23rd chapter of Dead by Daylight. The revealing rival shows that the killer is the expected killer, and Sadako Yamamura is very excited. With the Onryō game alias, Sadako offers the unique benefits of finding survivors, the generator regression / strong noise notification and the possibility of blocking the generator repairs.

And the survivor is interesting, also of the franchise, Yoichi Asakawa. Today, Marini biologist, Yoichi is the only survivor of the film Ringu of 1998, who managed to stay alive in his childhood and not to be the victim of Sadako’s anger. The unique advantages of Yoichi allow him to hide the killer (as without scratches, puddles of blood or grumbling of pain) after having stunned the killer for a few seconds, can be found by other survivors and better cure, as as well as change A loud hex or totem in a bargain totem, which helps to increase the speed of other survivors whenever they are in the totem radius.

There was, however, no confirmation or denying card; There may be a new card, with the emblematic well and the TV, which could be unique teleportation points, or potential deadly teleportation points. Or, they could have been added to taste revelation trailers. It is difficult to say if there will be a new card especially for the Ringu franchise, but we can hope that there will be, given the trailers and possible benefits for killers or survivors, or simply for Add more fun to gameplay.

Sadako Rising will be released on March 8, 2022, and there is currently a countdown for those who are looking forward to playing.

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