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The RPG Final Fantasy 7 seems to be very high in the cosplay scenes again very high. After visiting trimming as TIFA in recent weeks, another character is now. The artist Kasey Alias ​​”Owlicats” has swept in a costume of Aerith.

Who is Aeris / Aerith?

That actually under the full name Aerith or Aeris Gainsborough Known girl plays an important role in Final Fantasy 7. It turns out to be the last survivor of the ancient people Cetra and has magical powers. These are the reason why they have been hunted by the Shinra Company for many years. In Midgard, Aerith meets the protagonists Cloud , which then pass through the adventure.

Aeris or Aerith?

If you are wondering about the two different spellings of the first name: the variant with -S at the end goes back to a translation error in the US in the original game for the PS1 and is still used sometimes, for example in porters of the preamble, Aerith is the official spelling.

The great aerith cosplay ices the fans

The cladding artist Kasey Alias ​​”Owlicat” seems to be a big fan of Aerith and has swept down in a self-made costume . Some may sometimes bother the tattoos, as they do not quite fit to Aerith and irritate the overall picture. Nevertheless, the Cosplayerin has thought of many important details about the hair band and slightly pink dress.


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