Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is revealed a little more

One month before the exit of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, Square Enix released some additional information about the content of the action-RPG signed Team Ninja.

These new images reveal Malyris, a demon of the fire with a petrifying look, as if his six arms and long tail were not already threatening.

Straight out of the first Fantasy Final, as many elements of the game, the Lufenians are a mysterious and devoid of emotions that appear in Jack’s souvenir fragments.

The destinations also continue to draw inspiration from the first Fantasy Final, like the volcanic environment of Mount Gul, the tower of the elders and its strange mechanisms or the cursed woods, wrapped in a thick miasm.

But in the end, it’s the class system (or job, or profession, as you feel) that is put forward most often in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. It must be said that Square Enix and Team Ninja have prepared no less than 27 classes, as confirmed by the Daisuke Director inou on the [PlayStation Blog] (PlayStation Blog,). Most are well known franchise lovers but others have been specially designed for the game, as a breaker, knight of nothingness or tyrant.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - Final Trailer | PS5, PS4
The game system allows for reminder to alternate between two different classes instantly during the fighting, each using its own type of weapon and its own special skills palette to unblock by winning experience. If Jack will make its debut as a simple nerve, it will be led to mastering the so-called ultimate classes, whose black knight that can sacrifice PVs and PMs in exchange for unparalleled power, or the Ninja that can immobilize enemies and Add state alterations to its weapons without spending PM.

Let’s finish that Square Enix unveiled the contents of the Deluxe Digital Edition. In addition to an artbook and a mini bo in digital format, the edition includes a seasonal pass for three additional missions. These are named “The Test of Bahamut, the King of Dragons”, “Gilgamesh, the vagabond of dimensions” and “a different future”. Finally, anticipated access is planned in case of pre-order of the game, whatever the edition, but with a difference according to the platforms. On console, players will begin their part on March 15 at midnight, against March 17 at midnight on PC.

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