Rogue Like Deck Building Golf “Golfie” officially announced. Multiplayer compatible chaotic golf with cards with cards and randomness

Indie Studio Triheart Studio officially announced Golfie ” on February 14th. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) and scheduled to be delivered early in the spring of 2022. Local Time is also accepted by Steam at Steam.

“Golfie” is a golf game that incorporates Rog Like elements and deck construction elements. Players take a golf around the hole. However, the golf of this work is slightly special. The player is shot using the card. First of all, build your own deck. If the hole begins, 7 cards are distributed. The normal shot seems to be called mini shot, and a little power shortage. Therefore, you choose and use cards such as power shots and lobby shots. Cards incorporating into the deck should be newly available using coins and gems or via vending machines. It is said that how to build the deck.

The contents of the cards that can be used include the power shots and lob shots described above, as well as jumps, teleports, curve shots, jet packs, gliders, magnetic field development, blasting. Each card also exists rarity. For example, a jet pack is gold and jumps as bronze. If useful, rarity will rise. Cards can also be used in combination. Let’s find a combination of a lot and create a unique shot. However, please note that if you are in a row of spectacular shots and bogies and courses out.

In this work, it corresponds to both single play and multiplayer. The single play campaign mode that there is a rogue-like element is to turn 18 holes. Courses are roughly divided into three types of biomes, and each course is automatically generated. In multiplayer, you can taste the deck building golf in online and local play. It is possible to compete with the leaderboard with other players, and you can enjoy endless golf at the endless mode.

Triheart Studio is a studio based in Denmark. Jacob LyngGaard Olsen and Sandra LyngGaard Fagerli’s Couple’s Couple, this work is a virgin work. It seems that it is the theme of this work that combines “SLAY THE SPIRE” and “Golf with Your Friends”. It looks like a unusual combination, but it is said that two genres are well complemented. As a game of genre that was not so, it seems to be in response to development. This work plans to deliver early access to STeam as a publisher for Yogscast Games. It seems to be looking and adjusted by user opinion through play test and early access.

“Golfie” plans early access delivery in Spring 2022 at PC (Steam). At the end of early access delivery, it is assumed to correspond to multiplayer. STeam is currently looking for a participant in play test.

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