Kojima was “ridiculed” by the first Metal Gear Solid

The series of Metal Gear Solid is not only remembered until today by its fantastic Gameplay, but its history and the topics present in it have played a great role in the world recognition that has the work of Hideo Kojima. In this way, the developer revealed that at the time of speaking about the heaviest issues of the first game, he was “ridiculed” by his companions and Konami.

Through several shared tweets in the official account of Hideo Kojima, the developer spoke a little more about the behind the first cameras of the Gear Solid_. It was here where he revealed that the anti-war issues presented in 1998 were received with teasing . Fortunately, time changed these perspectives. This was what he commented:

“MGS1 was launched in 1998. When I mentioned ‘anti-nuclear and anti-war’ in an interview, the media laughed at me. I was ridiculed by my colleagues and the company. The entertainment industry criticized me saying: ‘You have to be joking, against war, against nuclear energy, when you are playing a game that shoots weapons’. It’s been 24 years since then. Tomorrow, when we enormat in the metaverse, unfortunately there are still nuclear weapons, without dismantling.

For the MG sequel, I came up with the plot on the terrorist robbery of a nuclear-weapon elimination facility. When I told my staff, they said that nuclear kidnapping was not realistic. So I did the story of Oilix which is a microorganism that refines oil. Zanzibarlandia attacking a nuclear weapons deposit for its elimination and acquisition of nuclear weapons remained unchanged. “

Without a doubt, the work of Hideo Kojima is one that is enjoyed as wine. Although the Metal Gear series is on an indefinite pause, Nothing prevents the Japanese developer from giving us a game that continues with the topics seen in the adventures of Snake , but under another name.

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Editor’s note:

These comments are not only a look at the past and the way in which the reception of metal gear solid has changed, but these tweets could well be a way to relate the current events we are seeing with Ukraine and Russia, from the perspective of A game of 1998, which warned us of some of the dangers we see today.

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