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After Herrmann’s gold medal in single races, the German biathlets in the sprint have retracted their worst Olympia outcome of history. Four days after her triumph in the classic, Herrmann in Zhangjiakou had spread over 7.5 km after two criminal trials and had to settle with rank 22. As the best German, only the error-free Olympic debutant Vanessa Voigt came as 18th just in the top 20.

IBU World Cup Biathlon - Women10km Pursuit Competition - OBERHOF (GER) 9.1.2022

So I can not be satisfied with that under the stroke.

Denise Herrmann

For the previously worst sprint result at Olympic winter games where the biathlets have been fighting for medals since 1992, the athletes of the German Ski Association (DSV) in 2014 had taken care of in Sochi. At that time Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle had become the best German eleventh. “Of course I can not be satisfied with that under the stroke,” said Herrmann in the ARD about her performance.

Roiseland repeatedly mixed success

The faultless Norwegian pot favorite Marte Olsbu Roiseland gained her second gold medal in Beijing on Friday after the mixed season, and she had become in a single third. The eleven world champion won in the sprint in front of the Swedine Elvira Öberg (0 penalties / + 30.9 seconds) and the Italian Dorothea Wierer (0 / + 37.2).

So I just see no sense more.

Franziska Preuß

In the persecution on Sunday (10.00 o’clock CET) Herrmann goes with a great mortgage, the residue on Roiseland is 1: 45.1 minutes. Voigt goes into the race 13.7 seconds in front of Herrmann. Also Franziska Preuß (2 penalty trials / + 1.57,1 minutes) ranked 30 and Vanessa Hinz (3 / + 2,40,0.0) as 55th remained significantly behind the expectations in the sprint. Four years ago in Pyeongchang, Laura Dahlmeier had gotten gold in sprint and persecution.

Prussian destroyed on the ground

Especially Prussian, who had had a two-month competition break because of a foot injury after a staircase and a corona infection, was inaccessible. “It just annoys me right because I can not be the biathletin I want to be and actually,” she said close to tears: “That’s how I just see no sense.” After a faultless lying shooting, she had been “a lot to be cocked”: “The looseness is completely g1. I’m not feeling well on the track.”

The men start on Saturday (10.00 o’clock mez) in the shortest race over 10 km – but without Routinian Erik Lesser, who had disappointed in the individual with 67 place. The German Ski Association (DSV) nominated Benedict Doll and Roman Rees, who had convinced in single races, as well as Johannes Kühn and Philipp Nawrath. The persecution takes place on Sunday (11.45 o’clock mez).

The race in the ticker

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