Online match Military FPS “CROWZ” planned open beta test start from February 21-pre-downloadable at Steam

Publisher Thumbage has announced the open beta test schedule from February 21 to 28 of the overseas time for the open world match FPS “CROWZ” developed by Royalcrow.

This work is a shooter game of a first person viewpoint to spread interpersonal battle online on the world where the dispute intensifies due to the fall of meteorites. Be a mercenary that is hired to the nation and scolded the battle over the “Q-ON” of rare resources.

What can be played in this open beta test is a two-person squad and recovered “Q-ON” and aiming for escape, and 64 people divided into two teams and the team victory that survived to the end of the battle Two of the mode “BLOOD ZONE”. In “Squad Operation”, the map “Blue Whale” is released “SELLRAIN VALLEY” in “Blood Zone”.

During the test period, all weapons and equipment can be tried free of charge, and the number of players is not limited. In addition, we are supposed to distribute in-game T-shirts that can be worn after the test participants answered to the questionnaire.

“CROWZ” Open beta test will be held from February 21 to 28 of the overseas time at STeam. In addition, the open beta test version of this work is delivered as “Crowz Demo” on the STeam store page because it is possible to download pre-download.

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