NHL 22: Women with the game

First, the message is positive: With the updates of the IIHF content (International Ice Hockey Federation), women’s international teams in NHL 22 were added this season. Although there were already feminine legends, such as Hayley Wickenheiser or Angela Ruggiero, but through the ten teams and the World Championship, the game receives a decent growth of women on the ice.

However, the question arises, why it lasted until 2022 before EA Sports has implemented current ice hockey sizes. Andy Agostini, Associate Producer from NHL, speaks of an “important next step for the series” – since in FIFA since 2015 women’s international teams with the game can be called the step as excusable. The Associate Producer also provides an explanatory attempt.

New possibilities thanks to frostbite engine

“We have been talking to the IIHF for a long time. It is a special moment for us to reflect the diversity of the ice hockey community. To do so, we had to ensure that the authenticity of the new content is guaranteed.” Even the change to another engine plays a crucial role in the presentation of fresh faces and player models.

NHL 22 IIHF Update ft. World Juniors, International Teams, and More

“The Frostbite Engine provides us new opportunities. Women’s Ice Hockey has evolved in recent years and we wanted to make sure that this evolution is also portrayed in our game,” says Agostini.

In fact, NHL 22 has received a noticeable upgrade in terms of graphics \ – the long wait for the women’s teams is not yet explained. Agostini assures to build the work on the female representation: “Stand now I can not officially announce, but I can say that we will work hard for it.”

EA SPORTS hangs behind in women’s sports

As in FIFA too, mere adding multiple club teams would probably be a big step in the right direction. In FIFA 22 there are 17 Damnational teams – in NHL 22 now ten. The lack of clubs and their leagues makes more noticeable in both titles year after year. As ‘authentic’, the status quo can therefore not be called, as well as the graphics may be.

In the house EA should be thought accordingly how women are presented in their games. Although the current developments are to be welcomed, the sports games are still far from a desirable destination.

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