Dennis Schröder and Daniel Theeis tainted for each other

Daniel Theis returns to the Boston Celtics – but will not be there together with Dennis Schröder. Because the Point Guard is involved in the trade and sent to the Houston Rockets.

Dennis Schröder and Daniel Theis in a team? Which on club level last in the Celtics Dennis lion Braunschweig in the BBL the case has been the case, almost also happened in the NBA. But the two buddies have now been tainted for each other: As Adrian Wojnarowski reports, the Celtics Dennis Schröder send together with ENES Freedom and Bruno Fernando to the Houston Rockets. The Texans give Daniel Theis in return.

In front of the Trade Deadline, Schröder had been one of the players of the NBA, which would be most likely to be warm. The contract of the Point Guard expires to better conditions than the Mid-Level Exception could not extend the Celtics Schröder in the upcoming offseason. Schröder will now have to play back a team in the new building – after this season at the Celtics and last season at the Los Angeles Lakers had started.

Schröder is likely to slip in Houston constantly in the starter role and, in the backcourt, along with the current two-round pick Jalen Green. Whether the rockets located in the new building will be interested in Schröder in the long term, remains to be seen. The German international will be in the upcoming offseason to the Free Agent. The Rockets will be the fourth team for Schröder the fourth team over the past five years.

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The situation for Daniel Theis looks better: The center had barely played a role in the planning of Houston Rockets, although he had hired in the past offseason as a free agent in Texas. Now Theeis returns to the Celtics, for which he had already played in the NBA in his first three and a half years. In the past season, the Celts Theis had brought to the Chicago Bulls.

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