Track indicates that FFIX remake would be on the way

In September of last year, an extensive list of games were filtered that would arrive at GeForce NOW, the service of the Nvidia cloud. Although at the time the existence of the content was denied that was shown here, the passage of time has confirmed some of the advertisements that were present in the information that emerged before time. In this way, the recent disclosure of chrono cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition, I would point to the rumored Remake of Final Fantasy IX I would be on the way.

In the filtered list of GeForce Now it was mentioned projects such as God of War for PC, the remaster of chrono cross, and a game of letters without announcing, which could well be referred to OVoice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden, which were denied at the time, but nowadays are a reality. In this way, is speculated that the Remake of Final Fantasy IX, as well as a remasterization of Final Fantasy Tactics, become a reality in the future.

This was what Jason Schreier, Bloomberg journalist commented, about it:

“The fact that the remastering of Chrono Cross is real means that, according to the filtration of Nvidia, a remastery of Final Tactics and a new version of Final Fantasy IX are also on the way.”

However, Nothing ensures that the Remake of final Fantasy IX, or another of the titles mentioned in the filtration are made a reality . Although some, like mommetal Kombat 12, they seem to be at all being revealed, there are cases such as Kingdom Hearts 4 or shin Megami Tensei V for PC, which could well be just an error.

_ Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition_ will arrive at PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC next April 7 , and here you can learn more about this title. Similarly, Live A Live will receive a remake in HD-2D.

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Editor’s note:

Although I would love to see a remake of _final fantasy ix, _ I can not get excited about something that, although it is not impossible, it would still be many years away. Considering that an HD version is already available in current consoles, Square Enix must offer something completely new, and this is not a simple job, especially all the projects that have on the door.

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