Final Fantasy XVI had completed the basic production

We have written a lot on Final Fantasy XVI even before its launch, and some of our predictions have turned out to be true. One of these predictions, based on an April 2019 job offer, was that the game would arrive earlier than we pensive – and with a new job offer by Square Enix, we have more evidence than Never will we have to wait for as long as we did for Final Fantasy XV.

The job offer reads as follows: “We are looking for staff to help create the world of Final Fantasy XVI, this includes the creation of various areas / stages, kinematics and character animations. continue to create boss resources and fights, while developing our development tools. »

Of course, it’s not as good as “We have finished the game entirely, sorry for the lie, here is a free copy to compensate” but that indicates that the exit is much closer than we could have thought, Perhaps even 2021 or beginning 2022.

Final Fantasy 16 | Basic Development & Scenario Production Complete
A video game scenario is essentially a term of the industry for history; The scenario is the goal of multiple tasks; Several scenarios are grouped into a campaign. The game that has completed basic development and scenario editing means that we only have advanced items left. The fact that boss fighting is still under production involves that they have retained at least some of the Boss battles to fill the gaps later – perhaps optional bosses. The fact that they hire people to work on cinematics and character animations makes sense, since we already know that visuals will be improved. The mention of zones and steps implies that at least some of the areas are not yet complete, although it is likely that a motion capture has already been made, so they must circumvent this problem.

We are not waiting for the next big Final Fantasy XVI before next year, but we look forward to a Teaser website for the next game later this year. We do not know what to expect, but I hope we will get more information to help us.

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