“Final Fantasy VI” Pixel Remaster February 24th Release Decision

Final Fantasy VI ” Pixel Remaster is revealed on the STEAM page that Pixel Limaster will be released on February 24, 2022.

This work was newly developed based on the original version “Final Fantasy VI” released in 1994, and a reimuster work that has been reborn with 2D graphics. The “Magic Stone System”, which makes Avitality, Magic, Summoning, etc., has become possible to foster characters tailored to player preferences, and all main characters are the main character. Music is beautifully arranged with the famous song of the “FF” under the full supervision of composer and plasmet. In addition, it is easier to play, and improved UI and autobattle. It is said that there are also adding elements that can enjoy the world’s world, such as monster pictorial books, illustration galleries, sound players. Both events and battle are carefully adjusted, and it is said that it has been developed more than ever to make careful debugging.

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“Final Fantasy VI” Pixel Remaster STEAM version is scheduled to release 2 am on February 24. Currently, a reservation purchase for the STEAM version is on sale. Also, from “FF1” to “FF1”, “FF1” Pixel Remaster 5 Title is 20% off. In addition, this work is scheduled to be released in February 2022 for the AppStore / GooglePlay / Amazon App Store, but at the time of article writing, the release date at 3 stores has not been revealed.

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