“Final Fantasy VI” Pixel Limaster will be released on February 24th. Remaster final work produced over time than conventional work

Square Enix announced on December 21, “ Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Edition will be released on February 24, 2022. Corresponding platforms are PC (STeam) and iOS / Android.

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“Final Fantasy” Pixel Limaster series is a newly developed remastered version based on the original version. In the Pixel Limaster series, the art director Shibuya, who has been engaged in the dot character from the beginning. While taking care of the original version of the atmosphere, all graphics are expressed vividly with 2D in the form of a modern high resolution screen. In addition, the song is also arranged with the full supervision of Meimatsu. Besides that, UI also improves and implemented an autobattle. In-game balance and specifications are also adjusted.

The “Final Fantasy VI” Pixel Remaster Version is also released with such elements. In this work, the world where the magic was lost is stage. All 14 main characters are the main character, including friends, etc., and more freedom in game progression than past work. Besides, the magic stone system allows for high degree of freedom. Popular works are newly released by a wide range of views such as a world view and system scenario.

The “Final Fantasy VI” Pixel Remaster Plate is released in the same series and will be released. The fifth was released at around two months, but “Final Fantasy VI” will be released for three months. For that reason Square Enix, “Final Fantasy VI” carefully coordinates with the event battle, and explained that it was decided to apply more development period so far (related articles) to make careful debugging ).

Pixel Remaster Series has a high reputation, but some of the works that have a lot of bugs that do not exist in the original. In addition, “Final Fantasy VI” was a high degree of freedom, and the original version was a lot of bugs. The motivation for debugging is unknown, but any month will be taken for time to improve quality.

“Final Fantasy VI” Pixel Remaster Version will be released February 24. In addition, the following reservation benefits are provided for the STEAM version.

Special Soundtrack
Rock theme (timelapse remix)
Battle (Timelapse Remix)
Tina’s Theme (Timelapse Remix)
In search of a friend (Timelapse Remix)
Aria (Instrumental) [Add]

Special Wallpaper
“FF6” Wallpaper × 2 types
“FF1-6” Pixel Limaster Series Wallpaper × 2

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