Final Fantasy 14: Feast for lovers

In these weeks, the fans of Final Fantasy 14 are correctly spoiled with Ingame events. After just the sky turning was finished and all protectors is still running, we are now looking forward to the Valente’s Day. The Valentine’s Day event also comes with a new quest series this year and also offers great rewards. The post-director Rossharnic misses your Chocobo a new outfit. In addition, all lovers (or those who want to be) may hang the Valente-Mobile in their player buildings. Final Fantasy 14: The festival for lovers – celebrates the Valente’s Day (2) Source: Square Enix when you want to participate in this year’s Valientiontag, you have to go to Alt Gridania on 08 February 2022 (X10.2 Y9.4) Travel and there at lizette the quest “_Ein apprentice for the master” _ accept. Overall, you have time to complete the event until February 22nd. As always, we are also looking forward to your opinion. Are you already looking forward to the Valente’s Day? What is your favorite event in Final Fantasy 14 (Buy Now 25.98 €)?

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Letter from producer live on 19 February

The valiontag is not the only big event that awaits you this month. On February 19th, the 68. Letter from the producer live in which Naoki Yoshida will talk about the future of Final Fantasy 14. Under the motto “in a new future: 10 more years FFXIV” we will find out where the journey will go in the coming years. In the second part of the live letter you also have the opportunity to ask your questions to Naoki Yoshida, who will be answered by him with a little luck. These should turn only around the latest extension endwalker.

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