Wow: Popularity of FF14 does the Blizzard

During the past year, some players from WOW are changed to Final Fantasy 14. Of course, this can be explained on the one hand through the freshly published FF14 extension endwalker, but also through various problems with WoW and Blizzard. The latter has, for example, brought the popular WOW streamer “Preach Gaming” to a clear line – he had given the MMORPG from Blizzard awhile the idle pass.

By his opinion, in his opinion, the quality of WOW, but also through the findings about the behavior of the Blizzard decision-makers behind the scenes . Nevertheless, Preach has not to be taken to praise a development in WOW – and associated with the increasing popularity of Final Fantasy 14. (Via Dexerto)

Great changes in WOW – score dwindling popularity?

The meant are the cross-faction gameplay elements that have revealed the developers: Hordler and Allianz heroes will be able to release from Patch 9.2.5 in Raids ! This “rip” should have pulled the developers due to the dwindling popularity of WOW, among other things driven by the rising popularity of Final Fantasy 14:

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Preach is looking forward to the new possibilities in WoW

_ “Maybe the onslaughter on FF14 was the best of WORLD OF WARCRAFT_ (Buy Now) pass,” he says in this stream of 1 February and emphasizes that “it may be the best thing [developers] JE But he will not play Wow again, though he expresses hope: _ “I hope that the door for some really big, cool battles with several guilds opens, such as really big stories, both of them Include fractions. That would be great. “

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