Valentines costume “Irun (CV: Shimizu Ayaka)” appeared! New Sensory Rhythm Fantasy RPG “Nanarism Dash”

New Sensory Rhythm Fantasy RPG for Smartphone Co., Ltd. A “Nanarian Dash”, “Irn (CV: Shimizu Ayaka)” wearing Valentine’s special costume appears.

New Sensory Rhythm Fantasy RPG for Sammy Networks Co., Ltd. Fantasy RPG “Nanarianism Dash” appears “Irun (CV: Shimizu Ayaka)” wearing a special costume of Valentine.

# Valentine’s Battle Part 1 Character Gacha

“Irun [Valentine Omotes]” appears randomly.

· Period: 2022/2/8 (Tuesday) 14:30 to 2/24 (Thu) 13:59

# Valentine’s Battle Part 1 Musical instrument Gacha

Musical instruments “Ilun [Valentine Omotes]” that imaged Valentine appears randomly.

· Period: 2022/2/8 (Tuesday) 14:30 to 2/24 (Thu) 13:59

# Special training [Valentine Hen] Event

We will hold an event that commemorates Valentine.

· Period: 2022/2/8 (Tuesday) 14:30 to 2/15 (Tuesday) 13:59

▽ Iln [Valentine’s big game]

☆ February is half anniversary!
Nanarism dash in February 2022 is 6 months from the start of service! Half anniversary celebrated.

In commemoration of this, special login bonuses and events are available. Please enjoy!

# Nanarism Dash

New Sensory Rhythm Fantasy RPG comes from Sea Sea Me Group Sammy Networks!

Mysterious planet “rhythm” that the power of music is energy.

In order to defeat the monster “noise” that suddenly appeared, we will direct the “Yuyu poet” and save the world!

Many songs exist in the planet “rhythm”! Destroy “Noise” on the screen tap according to the rhythm!

Connect the combo to activate the skills, and bounce a powerful blow of the boss!

A rhythm game experience still starts from here!

# Service Overview

· Name: Nanarism Dash · Price: Free (item charge system) · Supported OS: iOS / Android URL: https: // ※ The above URL is a URL for smartphones. · Official site: · Official Twitter: https: // · pv: https: // mgjus4

■ Company name and product name described are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

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