Spielkultur: Microsofts desired acquisition of Activision Blizzard provides indie

The news that Microsoft Activision-Blizzard wants to acquire for $ 69 billion triggered an earthquake throughout the gaming industry. Just a few weeks later, Sony followed and bought the Destiny Developer Bungie for $ 3.6 billion. Currently, the Microsoft Activision Deal is probably examined by the American cartel Office FTC (we reported). Now, compared to the BBC, several indie developers reported to speak of the impact of the acquisition. Among them is the developer Tanya Short. It reports, among other things, how hard it was to convince Publisher from her own game. But she also expresses her concerns that small games like her who are developed by creative indie studios will have even more problems in the market to grasp on the market if the gaming giants continue to expand.

In addition to Short, which guides the Studio Kitfox Games, have further indie teams to specify the BBC that they are worried about what these deals could mean for industry. While Microsoft promises to continue to support small developers, especially to create the Game Pass. The little studios ensure that you can compete against each other exclusively on such platforms or must have to get invested and advertising. According to Tanya Short, Indie developers are already trying to publish their titles in the pre-Christmas season, as many AAA games come out during this period: _ “This Activision acquisition puts us in fear, because it makes the problem of obvious power – maybe you can in the future also dominate the rest of the year and then we do? “_, Short said. Although the Game Pass is currently also offering indie games, but they are a clear minority among the titles offered – which is also an interpretation question What you understand under an indie title.

The Analyst Piers Harding Rolls from Ampere Analyst understands the concerns of the developers. He says it’s hard to predict what happens when players prefer subscription models like the Game pass to the regular purchase of games: “It is conceivable that indie games lose at attention outside these offers, as the subscribers mainly on the free ones Focusing games inside the pass “adds hard ring rolls of its prediction. Jake Simpson by TNB Studios, an experienced developer who has already worked with Microsoft and Activision, which has already worked with Microsoft and Activision, see the problem in pricing policy: _ “People have no problem thus to spend $ 1,000 for a phone and feel very attacked when you They asked to pay $ 4.99 for a game. “_ This also confirms an investigation of VG Insights: According to this, more than half of all indie games on steam in revenue is 4,000 dollars.

What the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal means for gamers

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