Thanks to Salah: Egypt wins against the Ivory Coast

Meanwhile, as a tournament favorite, the Ivory Coast met in the second round of the Africa Cup on Egypt, which had previously convinced a little before Salah. The French coach of the Elephant, Patrice Treble, sent the same installation as at the 3-1 victory against Algeria at the end of the group stage in the race, only the last Billy injured at the head returned for Leverkusen Koussunou into the starting eleven. In contrast, Egypt’s Portuguese National Coach Carlos Quartz, after the tedious 1-0 against Sudan, turned to two positions: Famous Ashraf replaced in the defense, Fat hi began for El-Said in midfield.

Good chances for both in half one

At the 30 degrees in Douala, the Ivory Coast certainly determined the game events in the first minutes with a lot of possession, but the first chances came the pharaohs : only through Stuttgart’s Marmots, which banged the ball from about 25 meters to the crossbar (18. ), only three minutes later, Salah also contacted: The Liverpool star moved into the center and failed by the outer period at the Ivorian Keeper Hangar. After 30 minutes then Jessie had to go down for Mary Die, the Milan Star had been previously treated after being hit in the lower back area.

In the episode, Egypt also controlled the possession of the possession, but the Ivory Coast fought back into the match again and came towards the end of the first half to two clear chances: First, Ibrahima Hangar failed with a spectacular sideway at Egyptian Keeper El-Shenawy (37. ), which was also at a farm volley Callers (45. + 1) on the post.

Egypt initially negligently – Haller and Zara sign up

After the break then Egypt dominated: Al-Sulaya, practically alone before Hangar in the sixteen (52.), but shot the ball over the gate, Enemy’s attempt towards angle was well-packed (54.) and Mostafa Mohamed shot again over the box (62.).


In the 70th minute of the game, the West Africans returned to the opposing penalty area – with a header of Haller, but the El-Shenawy brought a class. The follow-up time elapsed without many highlights, none of the two teams came to a goalkeeping. But then the substitute Zara came to his first good action, but fails with a low shot in the sixteen to El-Shenawy (84th). But this injured in the situation and had to change shortly thereafter, for him About Cabal (84th) came. None of the two nations exerted serious efforts towards the end of the game to collect a gate himself to achieve one and thus to avert the extension.

In this, especially the pharaohs came to ordinary possibilities – but continues to act without and completely determined. Both teams were the nearly 30 degree air temperature should be noted. In the last minute Egypt still gained a chance, after presentation of Salah, Trezeguet could not bring enough pressure on the ball in the fall.

Billy is the only one, Salah turns decisive

So the game went to the extension, but in the 30 additional minutes, neither the Ivory Coast either Egypt managed a gate. The decision had to fall in penalty shooting after 120 minutes.

The elephants began the comparison of eleven meters. Pepe and Ibrahima Hangar first met, as well as for Egypt Zibo and Al-Sulaya. Billies casual penalty without startup (and now without his head protection) the Egyptian Keeper About Cabal directed to the latte. The next two protectors arrived again: Cornet for the West Africans and Abdelmonem for the North Africans. Therefore, the last Ivorian protecting Zara was already under pressure to have to meet – and did that. So it was at Salah – and the Egyptian national hero once again proved his nerve starch and shot the pharaohs in quarterfinals.

The Ivory Coast, the coming organizer of the Africa Cup in the summer of 2023, is thus out of the current tournament – another disappointment after the out of the World Cup qualifier. On Egypt is waiting at 5 pm (CET) Morocco in the quarterfinals next Sunday.

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