Puppezzi is not deep, but neither does it need it

If you think there is very little that you can go wrong in a game of taking pictures of puppies, you are right: I think puppetry knows it, and precisely why it strives to be nothing more and nothing less than a very pleasant experience.

Basic information

  • Developer: Sundae Moth
  • Editor: Kit fox Games
  • Platforms: One, PC

Proven version: One
Availability: 20/01/2022

In the game, developed by the Sundae Month study and published by Kit fox Games (Boyfriend Dungeon, The Shrouded Isle), we became a photographer within a universe fundamentally inhabited by puppies. In its different maps – a city, a beach, a coastal beacon, and some surprise later – inhabit different types of petrels that camp at their wide, without belts or need for humans accompanying them. You will also be NPC dogs that offer us a handful of missions on each screen, urging us to take concrete snapshots. Sometimes, they are such simple things as a portrait, an image of a dog playing or eating; Other times, they will specify a little more, demanding uses of specific filters or lenses.

Anyway, the difficulty of orders does not matter much, because it is an excuse for us to get used to each scenario and learn to find the little secret secrets. A slightly rigid control system of the account makes the small platform sections that will help us access the hidden places within each scene are somewhat more clumsy account, but in essence the strength of Wuppertal is to know that his Strong point are dogs. And that dogs, in fact, are the best in the world.

He said before the world of the game is fully inhabited by parts, and it is actually a large part of the charm of the title: seeing how certain situations of daily life are resolved, but humans without humans. What I want to say with this is that finding a puppy riding a bicycle always happy the day, and that the premise makes our photographs much more particular and that ideas flow alone.

The game has an unlocking system in-game quite smart by which we will not only get new options for the camera if we complete missions, but we can also advance up climbing number of followers in our social networks. We are given the option to upload our photographs to a fictional Instagram species in which we will win followers according to the quality of these. Little by little, we will learn what kind of photographs our hypothetical fans like, and we will increase our community. The true end of the game, in fact, can only be unlocked in this way, so even though we have many goals that fulfilling the game lets us spend on it relatively free and experience it as we want.

The truth is that, being sincere, the game does not have much more, nor do I think you want it: it is a pleasant experience that we can end up in a sitting, just a couple of hours, and at least one pair of smiles. I’m sure there are many secrets that I have not yet discovered inside the game, but what I have found has left me more than satisfied. It is true that there are some roughness – I hope you can change the target or filter without the need to open the menu – but none of them is enough to separate ourselves from the oldest and purest joy in the world: enjoy the company of cute puppies.

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