Weckles Activision purchase from Microsoft? US

The Acquisition Activision Blizzards by Microsoft is currently on everyone’s lips. Many employees Blizzards and players see the whole thing a little critical. Above all, whether the current Activision CEO Bobby Kick remains part of the company is a great discussion topic. But also whether Microsoft becomes a too big player in the video game world, is the debate.


Both Activision Blizzard and Microsoft are very great names in the gaming area and their merger will grow only, with large titles like Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Halo, and so on.

US Congress Member Will Check Acquisition Activision Blizzards through Microsoft

With a deal of this size, it should of course be checked whether a monopoly could arise or a healthy competition is still guaranteed. There is no wonder, that Jerrold Nadler already reported on Twitter . Nadler is an American politician of the Democratic Party, which represents a part of Manhattan and Brooklyn’s for the state of New York in the United States House of Representatives:

Activision Blizzard – Already a gaming giant – has a pattern to bobbed your employees to escape responsibility for grassing sexual misconduct. I assume that this deal is checked closely to make sure he’s the American workers or the competition does not harm.

Microsoft and Activision are currently assuming that the deal was brought over the stage no later than June of the year 2023. The US Congress has a lot of time to check it exactly. According to David Hope, a managing partner of the law firm Gamma Law, it will most likely give no complications with the business as he reveals in an interview with IGN:

The acquisition is another example of the so-called ‘vertical integration’ in the video game industry – a console manufacturer (distributor) acquires a game developer (producer). Of course, this is the largest deal of this kind in the history of the game industry, but US dishes were In the past unwilling to apply restrictive antitrust principles on vertical transactions.

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