Everyone played Age of Empires 4 – and I got a dead gaming

There is hardly any modern strategy games that really catchers. The market is dominated by a few powerful sizes such as Age of Empires 4 and Anna 1800, everything looks like for me somehow right away and when I search for good alternative search, I need extremely long or just find half things. In such situations, I lie the present mostly left and fish in my nostalgic retrovirus. I fell a game that is hardly beating at charm and atmosphere. The problem is only: nobody can still play it today. Or only with great effort, as I was allowed to learn. This has been worthwhile hundred times.


The peoples 2: The search for all parts for a time machine

Some of you may remember: In the summer of 2001, the Austrian developer WOOD with the peoples 2 continued his droll strategy game range. Based on the settlers, you can take control of one of three curious peoples: the ogers-like Simmons, the Saki insects or the humanoid Amazons. Instead of committing the units themselves, as a ruler, it must lead to urban planning, education, research and trade. One of many dolls: the temporal process is divided into workdays, that is, your residents leave their homes in the morning, make a lunch break and return home in the evening, shortly after they have paid a visit to the market and the temple.

The general look, of the iconic soundtrack of Assassin’s Creed composer Jesper Kid, the humor – all that made the peoples 2 for me to an incredibly great childhood experience. Today, almost 21 years later, it is unfortunately almost unplayable . That’s related to multiple problems:

  • If you can no longer own or raise the original CD, you can buy it on GOG
  • Even if stated otherwise, the version offered is not easily compatible with modern systems. Accordingly, angry voices collect in the reviews
  • To play it properly, your theoretically requires hardware from the 2000s – and that is very rare or very cumbersome today.

So what do? An IT expert and friend of mine advised me to set up an operating system emulator. Short: We would go back to the time with my computer and simulate all old hardware . I had never heard of it as a PC Taiwan and was very excited about whether it would work. And yes, it’s legal – but still not easy.

  • Do you want to travel with me in 2001? Then see the droll gameplay from the peoples 2 here:

The peoples 2: a turbulent journey – with surprising exit

I do not want to be too technical here. I can only say It was an exciting Saturday afternoon with hours-long discord talks and screen transfers , in which my friend and I bordered ourselves as back to the future. While as Doctor Brown passed all the details as well as settings and researched things, I added everything to my computer as asking Marty Fly. However, a point made us a challenge: In order to start this time machine at all, you need as the core the corresponding operating system , on which everything should build up.

If you want to make a bow for illegal copies in the network (and should), you require one of the ancient original CDs with key. Our rescue represented the office cabinet of my parents, which I called. After minutes of straight, the tension into immeasurable drift, my father finally found it. The whole thing converted to an ISO file, from on the PC, the offline version of the peoples 2 via Gog download, a few folder shifts and up!

  • Our colleagues of GIG explain to you in detail , How to set up an operating system emulator

And Wow, it’s an incredible moment that hurls you emotionally galaxy if you hear the Windows Start Sound again after decades. I almost forgot for all the hardships and the Nostalgia Flash, for which I actually wanted to do that: Oh yes, the peoples 2! And that also worked perfectly! I chose the Simmons, my favorite people, built the city exactly as well as at that time, the school right next to the town hall, including the tavern, and brought it to the highest development stage after some in-game days – ( here a short twitch Insight! )

Even today, the look and the gameplay are still incredibly charming, even today, the war gameplay is still as stump as soon as she used to lead the extremely fast reproduction of my people that I would hardly have any goods to be satisfied sometime. The only solution is still to build a police state and to lock all unsatisfied citizens or close them to move. Um… yes. After all these years, I realize all the more clearly that the peoples 2 is not perfect and strictly kept expires . But: For me, it is a little unique, a little captivating with a lot of childhood magic. I am also grateful for the hardships to here, as they made the reward all the greater.

Hey, Michael, did you already play Age of Empires 4? I heard these days much too often. Instead, I pulled me back to the past and I took a lot to me to get my old childhood playing the peoples 2 again. And do you know what this is much better? With this time machine it is also possible to retrieve all other childhood games! My next game will be Lego Racer. And with you?

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