WMADID, Balward Games 2 Line Welcome Platform Onboard

The Memoir (Representative Gang Hymn BUK) decided to turn on the game ‘Black Squad’ and ‘N-AGE’ on Val RAF (Representative New President) and ‘N-AGE’ on the Aims Platform.

Ballot is a game company that develops and publish online, mobile games. Self-platform Fans are serving more than 20 games through our global market, and we are expanding our service area directly through the establishment and conventions of the world’s major base area. Last year, export promising small and medium-sized enterprises, and awarded a high-growth potential, such as awarded the export tower.

‘Black Squad’ is an attractive FPS game (first person shooting game), featuring Easy To Learn, Hard to Master (easy to learn, but it is difficult to master). With the sense of powerful strikes that are made in special effects and effects, it provides a pleasure that utilizes tactical abilities in more than 500 weapons, including silencer, grenade launchers, etc. in more than 20 modes.

‘N-AGE’ is a modern lifestyle game that is the background of the future. In a personality-implemented cities, you can get a pleasant community experience through special skins and emotion systems, and you can enjoy a union system that provides a variety of benefits through occupation, and a variety of PVP content and strategic combat. It also provides a new pleasure for users through realistic economic systems.

Ballard Shin’s renowned representative is Black Squad to global users in the ecosystem, Black Squad is expected to provide a deeper immersion for special charm, and ‘N-AGE’ is a unique economic system to engage with token ecosystems I will make a more fascinating potential of the game’s personality.

In addition, Black Squad ‘s IP holder, Yen Essuwuuuu Studio, Thank you for the decision of MADE and VALOR. I met anticipation.

The only platform for WIMAX is ​​the only platform that can switch all genres to all genres, We will build a dominant platform that all games, including Ballard Well Made Games, I said.

The MADRID is playing a game with a variety of developers, and a wide range of vaginal games throughout the vaginal games and businesses. By the end of this year, we are aiming to serve 100 games that use the wicker as a currency.

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