[Video] “Representative, we should not work with this”

I want to earn your own business in an elite member and pleasant space is imagined. If the law workers must try at least once. I usually leave for the origin of this idea start-ups.

The heart of Annam, Seoul. Even nonchalant people in entrepreneurship, and the same building just like to be promoted to mandatory recall of creative business ideas stand out.

In about 10 minutes walk to walk from Yeoman Subway Line 2, and the start-up support floor provided by the San Sharing Foundation. San Sharing Foundation is a foundation created to year 故 2011 Hyundai founder Chung commemorate the death of 10 cycles. Foundation is based on the call ‘San’ spirit of the founder, in 2014, established a floor 180. Wanted rap, did graduate from a place such as start-up of mango plate Remembrance.

Seven years have passed since. Floor to 180 degrees change in November, the world has evolved in the last 180 2x zoom, the floor 360, etc. Support Facility and sizes. Jedi go ‘Reporters visited the second floor 360 of the incubator space San Sharing Foundation over the past five days. 2 floors underground, 11 floors above the ground, and that the start-up current 31 is moving.

Sunny into the building exudes muslin savory aroma of coffee. Café’s some. Also sell cakes. Diego various crafts on display, itdapnida be purchased. The San Sharing Foundation Schengen 3, there is an office for the start-up accelerator 4-10 Schengen. Korea, etc. Start-up forum, two did not place. Copy every floor, peurinteugi, telephone booths, etc. equipped meeting rooms and a sofa.

Baekjiyeon Korea startup business forum Team Manager favorite space in the floor 360, 9th floor lounge, said Photosynthesis is also good when the sun came to work, he said. It was true. Employees in the spacious lobby, they had to huddle together to share conversation sitting receives sunlight.

The charm of the floor 360 is not the end. 4-13 run of three targets on the second floor there are ‘kids grow up, John. Joe provided a place for parents requiring urgent ‘care’. It also provides snacks. Products and also studio that can be used at any time for free if booking through the Service shots are needed, you can meet go down to the second basement.

Do up and down the 11-story building, I come flocking fatigue. You do not need to worry. Iteunikkayo the 11F sleep. There is also next to the shower. Stranded. And to spend the summer sweating a lot useful. Seoul and enjoy the breathtaking views from the rooftop after a shower, watching the skyscrapers, I’ll work hard here cater about building one, What haebomyeon many thoughts and compaction, such as Tomorrow’d break down of the sun tomorrow.

Suddenly we even heard the idea of ​​’what if this one DESE. Neat conference room, space to share thoughts in places provided throughout. I think 360 Features floor. Saemsotneun young spirit is a bonus.

Excellent entrepreneurship, Do you dream of entrepreneurship into the glittering ideas. Equipped to face full of enthusiasm Make sure you knock on the door 360 floors. The company will be in the future ‘Unicorn’ enterprise value of up to 1 trillion won to you quickly and healthily growing up from the floor 360.

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