Rose: “We always say that we want to get the shell to Dortmund”

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We have done a lot of good and right today, just the first half was Barnstorm. Marco Rose was satisfied on Friday night after the clear success of his protégés over Freiburg (5: 1) and complemented with DAZN : We had good baller conversions, good positioning and have made two beautiful standard gates — that’s also one of them. First Halftime was already top.


Only in the second we had a phase then, there is 3: 1 and one, two half-chances of the Freiburg, where it can be tight again. But then his players would have very well played.

We have to criticize — but also a good game as today — correctly classify

The consequence of it: With the 13th win of the season in the 19th game and the points 38, 39 and 40, the Dortmund is at least temporarily again dense on FC Bayern with its 43 counters on the have side.

Is the title fight, which after 2: 3 against the Munich before the turn of the New Year and the 2: 3 at Bertha BSC at the top of the year, again boiled, but again freshly flambeed? Roses assessment: You just have to say it as it is. Before the winter break we talked about two bad games and that the Bundesliga will be boring. Also, rightly because we were not at eye level.

Now black-yellow but first a game turned in Frankfurt (3: 2 after 0: 2) and additionally also made a good game today and are first on three points ranked, says Rose. We always say that we want to be ahead and like to bring the shell to Dortmund again, but you also have to say honestly that the Bayern so far play a great season, little dogs, and we are too inconsolable. Accordingly, That’s what we take care of our own development and performance and do not change our claims. We must write criticism — but also a good game as today — correctly classify.

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