Final Fantasy XIV will return to digital stores at the end of the month

After the launch of End walker, the last expansion of Final Fantasy XIV , Square Enix decided to withdraw this MMORPG from digital stores last December. Fortunately, today it has been revealed that this title will return to be available to all stakeholders at the end of this month.

By means of a statement, Naomi Yeshiva, producer of the game, revealed that next January 25, 2022, Final Fantasy XIV will return to digital stores around the world . Along with this, that same day a new data center will be available in Oceania, which will add five new worlds, and allow more people to enter this virtual world. This was what was commented about:

Since its official launch on December 7 last year, End walker has experienced extremely high levels of congestion, which generates great frustration in our players. There is also the task of rebalancing the jobs, and we will continue working in this and other adjustments.

While certain worlds continue to experience congestion during peak hours, our plan to address the problem in a fundamental manner is beginning to take shape.

Next to the opening of the Data Center in Oceania, Square Enix also plans to expand its Japanese, European and North American data centers. The first of these territories will receive its new data center in July 2022, which will add a Fourth logical data center and will increase the capacity of the game by 50 thousand. Meanwhile, the other two regions will receive an expansion of servers in two phases, as of July 2022 and August 2022, respectively.

While these measures will be remedied the problems of congestion little by little, Yeshiva does not rule out the possibility of removing FFI from digital stores once again if the problems persist in a future . Hopefully this is not the case, and players manage to enjoy the acclaimed MMORPG once again.

In related topics, the development of Final Fantasy XVI has been delayed. Similarly, a MOD transforms Final Fantasy VII Remake in the PS1 classic.

Editor’s note:

It is good to see that Square Enix is ​​doing everything possible to do that his most successful title of the moment is treated with the love and respect he deserves. Without a doubt, Final Fantasy XIV is the MMORPG of the generation, and I can not wait to see what Naomi Yeshiva will do as director of FFI.

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