Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter 58 Announces Patch 5.3 Updates

The live 58th letter of the producer of Final Fantasy XIV officially announced the upcoming patch 5.3: Reflects in crystal. The new patch continues the story of Shadow bringers adds a raid 24 men in Korea series: Dark Apocalypse and includes an essay based on a story. As a member of A kingdom remain Revamp, flying will become available in ARR areas and quests post-2.0 main scenario were streamlined.

To start the webcast of 2 hours FFI The producer and director Naomi Yeshiva and the producer of the world community, Ohio Foxconn Murdoch, explained in detail the delays that the development team is faced to complete the contents of the patch. They cited the culture office of Japanese companies as a great obstacle; their systems are simply not configured to allow remote working. The development team went to work at home during the past two weeks, making the test content patches much more difficult. So far, this transition has caused a delay of about a month for the 5.3 patch, and Ship expects a delay of a few more weeks while he completes the final phase of development of the patch. The date of the launch of patch 5.3 has not yet been announced.

Although we do not know yet when the patch comes, we know that it will contain a lot of new content; what we have learned to expect a new patch, plus a few new surprises.

Quests the main Timeline

The conclusion of Shadow bringers the story unfolds in the 5.3 patch. The main scenario include the normal and extreme versions of a new trial. Although details are vague, Ship said it is unlikely that the community will guess the final boss.

Korea: Dark Apocalypse Chapter 2

The second raid 24 men deny the series will be called The Puppet’s Bunker. This raid Alliance continues the story started in The Factory Copied 5.1 patch.

New Dungeon: Gauntlet heroes

The new tower added in this patch will be part of the main Timeline. During the webcast, Ship suggested that this was happening in Lakeland, but topiary much like it Meg. We should expect some screenshots of the dungeon in the trailer of the 5.3 patch.

New Beast Tribe

The dwarves are the new tribe of animals for the 5.3 patch. This will Shadow bringers tribe crafts, much like Namath and Googles before them.

New combat encounter instantiated

The quest series of Sorrow Merlot that we gave Ruby Weapon continues in a new instanced combat encounter. This unknown creature has very blue air, perhaps Sapphire.

A remain kingdom Reorganize

13% quests between 2.0 and 2.5 patches have been abolished and those that remain have been simplified. As such, gains experience were improved so that the time players reach Heavenward they reach level 60. Most people who leave the game during the upgrade dropped for the content 2.1, so this change is designed to help new players to progress through once a slog than 100 quests.

Flying is now available in ARR areas. Players must complete the main ARR Scenario Quest until Ultimo completion to unlock.


unreal Tests and hollow false

Unreal Trials is an entirely new concept. A new version of ancient adjusted tests will be introduced, with mechanisms designed to be difficult for players level 80. The 5.3 patch will include a difficulty unreal Aka Afar Amphitheater. The development team chose Shiva to launch Unreal Trials, as this is the level of current raid. In the future, players can expect one or even two, unreal trials per patch. Each fight will only be available for a limited time. Finish the Unreal testing allows you to play new mini-game False Hollows for new rewards, but it is not yet clear what the game-mini implies.

Improvements ishgardienne restoration

The third phase of the restoration will be ishgardienne approximate the players of the reconstruction of the Firmament. This will launch a new season rankings Builder that offer titles and special achievements to the best artisans and gatherers.

Update on the arms of resistance

The series of quests Save the Queen will be updated, allowing players to upgrade their weapons of resistance. Ship took care to mention that this is not Eureka Part 2, but it will be an instanced area.

Upgrades Sky steel tools

Craftsmen and gatherers will be able to update their sky steel tools at a higher level of object with more statistics. JC updates Seal Rock and Shatter fans can start celebrating. Front lines will now include the four PVP modes. More details will be available in the next live letter of the producer, which has not yet been announced.

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