These games that are always played: Wreckfest

As part of the new heading These games that are always playing I’m talking about the game Wreck fest.

This is a demolition stroke set propelled by a powerful graphic engine for destruction. Released in 2014 on PC via Steam, the game Wreck fest quickly carved a place at the amateurs and then make the jump on consoles. I must admit that in the period of COVID-19, this game turned out for me a smell acting as therapy at little cost. After all these years, I still play regularly in Wreck fest. What I like is the long solo countryside that alternates between races and demolition derby. Imagine online the pleasure of stamping cars piloted by true players with legitimacy.

I find that the graphics engine is doing well having aged very well. Note that when played on Xbox Series X or S, that it is even possible to switch to optimized version benefiting from the power of the consoles. In 2018, I had made the Review of the PC version of the game I had not been able to give a very high score due to many bugs. Since then, the developers have corrected the majority of the problems underlined in my criticism to make it a very good game with the versions Stadia, PS4 and Xbox One.

In conclusion, try it, it’s worth it. It is available on Steam at a price of $34 with all additions out from and $30 on consoles via PS Store and Xbox Store.

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