Japan DC extends to four! “Final Fantasy XIV” Operating Scale Expansion-DC Travel is 6.1X implementation

Square Enix has announced a plan for the expansion of operation scale such as data center extensions, with respect to MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV .

The number of players is rapidly increasing from around 2021, but since the latest expansion version Katsuki’s Finale, large-scale congestion has occurred in the whole world.

Along with that, it was suspended for new players for new players Final Fantasy XIV Starter Pack Final Fantasy XIV Complete Pack Final Fantasy XIV Complete Pack Collector’s Edition DL version Resume sales from January 25 I announced that In addition, new registration of Final Fantasy XIV Fleet Real will be resumed later.

For data centers in Japan, the current data center is included in the 10-11 World, and it is not possible to operate efficiently, and by adding a data center, the burden on each center is reduced It is a pattern of plans to significantly increase the number of simultaneous login upper limits. Japan’s data center addition and world configuration change should be implemented around July 2022. After the implementation, 88 Worlds will be included in each data center, and the current number of worlds will not change.

In addition, it has been announced that the Oceania Data Center will be officially opened at 5 World January 25222. These are new world, so some bonuses are granted such as the home world change service will be free.

Although the European and US data center is also scheduled to be expanded as expansion, it is planned to take a long time to procure server equipment due to lack of global semiconductor.

In addition, about the system data center travel which can move between data centers, we are currently considering and planning to put on patch 6.1x. Mr. Naomi Yeshiva, a production and director, is commented that I can wait for a little fun now.

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