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Mr. Were, PSV Eindhoven currently launches the Dutch league. What distinguishes your team?

We have great individual class in our ranks. We have many talented, but also experienced players with Mario Got, Philipp Max and me. That’s a good mix. In addition, our coach Roger Schmidt has its own idea of ​​football, which we really like to follow. So far we are very successful.

Roger Schmidt was finally associated with Leipzig. How did the team pursue this discussion?

It was already topic, because of course we have read that in the newspapers. But now we are glad that he has decided to stay away. I can not judge how far the negotiations were, but of course he also knows that he can reach a lot with us. That’s his mission. Our clear goal is to become master this year. Therefore, we are glad that he is still there.

With Ajax Amsterdam, the first pursuer is only a point behind PSV. How do you rate the starting position in the fight for the championship title?

Ajax has the best team of the league individually. You have already shown in recent years that you are one of the best teams in Europe. Nonetheless, I believe that we can have our qualities and can beat them. We have shown that at the beginning of the season in the Super cup (4: 0 victory, note). We are confident and know that we have to continue playing constantly to leave them behind. At the beginning of the next year (January 23, Note), we have a game against you. I do not know if that will be preliminary, but of course this game will be very important.

Do you think that it will go out for a duel or other teams like the current table protection Feyenoord Rotterdam can still intervene?

Austrálie sečteno a podtrženo

Feyenoord has a chance for sure. They have shown a great team and also shown in the Conference League that they have a lot of quality. The first leg against you, we have clearly lost 0: 4. This shows that you can mix up. We are aware that we are currently first. You have to overtake us first!

Internationally, it did not go so well for them: Eindhoven had to say goodbye in a heavy group with Monaco, Real Societal and Storm Graz from the Europa League. How hurt does this?

The day after that, that’s neat. We played a good group stage and stood in second place before the last match day. In San Sebastián (0: 3 defeat, Note), a draw would have been a draw, but there a few things did not work so well. We got a penalty and a red card against us. Now we want to come as far as possible in the Conference League.

If one compares that with the state ten to 15 years ago, a lot has happened.

Were about the development of Austrian football.

What significance do you write to this competition?

Of course, this competition does not have the same tradition as the Champions League or now also the Europa League. Nevertheless, there is also money and win a cup there for the club. Accordingly, that already has his charm. We are one of the strongest teams that are still in the Conference League. Who knows what will happen? Our focus is on the championship.

They also played in the Europa League twice against Storm Graz and celebrated two victories. How did you see the performance of the Syrians in these two games?

I would have expected more from storm. In the league, they are currently the first pursuer of Salzburg and can carry out their pressing well. We have seen in the analysis that they are a dangerous team, but they could not implement it in the two games against us. I do not know what the reason was.

With Salzburg, Rapid and the LAST hibernate this year three Austrian teams European. How do you rate the general development of domestic club football?

It’s a good step that internationally more teams play. If one compares this with the state ten to 15 years ago, a lot has happened — and Salzburg makes that very good in the Champions League anyway. You can also see on the national team that Austrian football is simply better and more competitive.

They played in their youth at Wiener Austria. How do you rate the current location of your ex-club?

Financially there are a few problems that are difficult to handle. In today’s football, it’s hard to succeed if it does not fit in the financial area. This is linked together. On the other hand, it is also a chance to further promote the junior work, which was always good at the Austria. Basically, I do not have the big points of contact because I did not play together with no litter player. Nevertheless, I hope that the financial situation is calmed down at Austria, and then it is better again.

You have not played so far yet in the Austrian Bundesliga. During its injury-related break throughout 2019, with a return to Austria with a return to Austria?

After my injury to the patellasende I just wanted to be fit. It would have given the opportunity to borrow me — but not to Austria. That would be more towards the second German Bundesliga.

Which clubs were topic?

I do not know that anymore. I have told my consultant relatively quickly that I want to stay in Mainz and wants to prevail there. The goal was primarily to get fit and make a few games in the Bundesliga. When BO Venison came to us at the beginning of 2021, I got my chance and used it. It was always my dream to play in the Bundesliga. Every footballer has his own story. Mine has led over a few detours, but I’m glad my body now coincides, and I can show what I have a thwart. That was already like that in Mainz: We did a bit historical there and play the best second half of all time — and although we’ve already written down everyone. There is really well worked. You can also see that this season.

Are you back at 100 percent after your lengthy problems with the patellasende?

Yes. I trust my knee and body again. I know what I can do and have learned through the breathing break also to listen to my body. Furthermore, I know now when I have to take the foot from the gas. But I can currently give full throttle. I am very happy about that.

Full gas you also need in the Redivide. We would compare you to the level with that of the German league?

The first ten clubs definitely have the level for the first German Bundesliga. There is every game a fight. Then it falls off. But here we also have a different objective than still in Mainz. We really want to win every game, champions become, come European as far as possible and get the trophy. This is another pressure. You also need a lot of footballing quality, which we definitely have. We would play in Germany in the upper third. Eindhoven is a huge club in the Netherlands. Therefore, the request was a compliment for me. That I finally decided for PSV, I do not regret.

You just mentioned great pressure in Eindhoven. How do you handle it?

I have learned during my breach of injury that you can not rethink the things too much. If I think about everything I can not really control, I’ll go crazy. At the beginning of my injury break I held a lot, thought and doubted. During this time, however, I have developed a great mental strength. We play every third day. Since you can hardly turn off. Especially by the Corona pandemic, the subject of mental health has gotten even more space: many people are only at home, working out of the home office, do not have a job or get sick in the worst case. The things you have in your own hands should be done at 100 percent. Of course, there is much more aspects, but I’m dealing with it during my injury break in this way.

That was a great experience.

Were about his debut for Austria.

Have you also assumed help of a mental trainer?

We had the offer in Mainz, but I’m not the type for that. I meditate once or twice every day to arrange my thoughts and get well through the day. That helped me a lot then so as not to look too far into the future.

I would like to take a look to the front with you. In March, the Austrian national team is the fight for the World Cup ticket on the program. What role-play the play-offs in your head?

I was allowed to snap in before (at the 2: 5 defeat in Israel, Note). That was a great experience, as it was always my big dream to represent Austria. Of course, I want to be there again and make more games. It is a goal of me to be convened regularly. For this I have to bring my services to Eindhoven. Of course, if I should be there, I will give everything — and if not, I still wish the team all the best. But until March we still have some time. In the remaining games, I want to show what I can. Ultimately, the decision is not in my hand. The coach decides.

What does the exchange with Franco Soda currently look like?

At the moment there is no exchange. If I hear something of him, then only before the courses.

Can you understand that despite the strong performance at Eindhoven, you do not have a regular office in the national team?

There are other strong players on my position. This is basically something good for Austria. Nevertheless, I think that I would have earned it through my services to be there. The team boss has found my non-convenience once that he wants to hold together the squad from the European Championship. That’s his decision that I can understand. Nonetheless, I want to slip there. Because I think that I could help the team.

Let’s get briefly to your personal association future. You have in Eindhoven until 2024 contract. Is there a wish destination for you afterwards?

Not really. I just look that we have maximum success here. When we manage, every single player can take a step into a better team. But I do not think about it. I have been here for half a year and have already made many games. A lot has happened. It happens to me as if I were here for two years. My goal is clearly defined: I want to win title — that concerns the championship and the trophy. I am happy that we are in first place. Therefore, I have the goal of playing again with another club, currently not.

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