Biomutant is fluid and beautiful on PS5 and Xbox Series S

THE Nordic (formerly Nordic Gaming GmbH) is an Austrian business, specializing in video game posting, situated in Vienna.

Biomutant will be launched next week and Experiment 101 and THE Nordic celebrate by giving fans another overview of how the game will take place. Specifically, a glimpse of how it will work on new generation consoles. These two new videos have a total of about 7 minutes of unpublished game — about 3 minutes and a half on each console — and the results are, to say it frankly, breathtaking. The world of biomoutant was already beautiful on PS5 and Xbox One, but on the PS5 version, you can distinguish distinctive blank blades and the colors are breathtaking. During this time, the Xbox Series X clip adds a new feeling of depth and movement to the world of the game. The owners of PS5 and Xbox Series S | X must absolutely look at these videos.

Here is a fact that could impress you: only one of these videos has the game in 4K native. The PS5 images were captured on a commercial copy, operating in 1080p native to 60 FPS, which was then converted to 4K to 60 fps using dynamic resolution. The version does not even propose an option for the 4K native for reasons of stability and performance. And yet, it’s always almost painful! That’s what happens when developers put their hearts and soul in a game, we assume.

The Xbox Series X video works in native 4K at 60 fps with dynamic resolution, however, and it remains absolutely breathtaking. Just look at these flowers moving in the breeze both versions do a fantastic job to capture the style of a martial arts film, so what you prefer could end up being a personal taste issue. Or which console you already have. However, you can always buy the stuffed plush, regardless of the available platforms.

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Biomutant will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 25, 2021.

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