Sales information of PS5 Summary December 22 The lottery reception of Geo and Sofmap 2 stores will be until 23 days tomorrow

PlayStation 5 (hereinafter referred to as PS5), which provides a new generation game experience, has reached the released on November 12, 2020. The degree of attention to the latest hardware is very high, and pre-reservation is sold out anywhere. Sales of the day first showed a heated popularity that was not visited.

About PS5 that is difficult to obtain after the release date, we will check the latest information on sales situations and lottery sales and deliver a more extensive recruitment that can be applied to the web and official apps. Please check the receptionist that you have not yet applied and how to apply it.

◆ December 22nd situation- Geo and Soap 2 store lottery reception will end on 23 days

Each store has been drawn and sold in anchoring, and now Geo and Mejia Online continue to be accepted. As well as the application conditions, there are differences in the date and time of the application deadline and the time of winning announcement, so let’s check the contents of each.

In addition, although this is the form performed at the store together with the application and purchase, we are receiving a lottery sale application at Soap 2 stores ( Soap AKITA Amusement Hall and Soap Kobe Harbor land ).

Both stores are subject to Soap Premium CLUB Card members. You also need to register Soap Dotcom Members and check the mail magazine delivery to desired. The purchase deadline for winning is until December 29. Therefore, if you win, you can purchase it within the year, so please make sure that you live in a neighborhood that meets the conditions.

In addition, the lottery reception of Geo is until 17:59 for December 23 tomorrow. In addition, two Soaps have to perform procedures before the closing time of December 23. Each of the deadline is approaching, so please apply for the desired person early.

◆ About lottery sales of Geo

Geo is announced that Normal sales at Geog Group storefront for PS5 arrived on December 29-January 7, and we will only carry out lottery sales. We started receptionist from December 20 at the official app Geo app.

If you would like to apply for this lottery sale, open the Geo app from 11:00 am to December 23 17:59, and proceed from the banner on the home screen to apply to your application form..

◆ About lottery sales of Mejia Online

Nejima-Online conducts the 16th draw sales and sales. The application period is scheduled to be held from mid-January 2022, until 23:59 on December 26th.

This lottery sale also takes place for Nejima-Online members, and in the past, it takes precedence in the Mejia Online. Although there is a possibility of election even if there is no purchase history, it is significantly changing the winning ratio significantly when there is a purchase history.

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