Peacemaker new individual posters of the protagonists and premiere with three episodes

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Peacemaker or the Pacifier (Title for Spain) continues to share promotional material for its premiere next January 2022 at HBO Max, the new series of James Gun after the squadron Suicide and starring John Dinner that will debut with its three first episodes. So much so, that its managers have published the individual posters of their main protagonists, from the Peacemaker himself to the vigilante, pJohnsing by some components of the new TJohnk Force and even the mJohncot of the antihero, the Eagle.

Peacemaker | Official Trailer | HBO Max

That’s how the Peacemaker protagonists are

Thus, and through different accounts of HBO Max along the planet, their managers have shared the different individual posters of the Peacemaker protagonists, reviewing and presenting in images A Peacemaker (John Dinner), his pet EARLY, an imposing eagle, vigilante (Freddie Stoma) or what is the same, the second most attractive superhero of the series, Clemson Turn (Chukchi Fuji), Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) and John Economics (Steve Age).

On the other hand, it hJohn been confirmed that the January 13, 2022, day of the series premiere in HBO Max for everyone, the first three episodes will be offered, although for the moment The total number of chapters that Peacemaker will have is unknown. Of course, each chapter will lJohnt between 40 and 44 minutes, according to his director James Gun.

Recall that the Peacemaker series follows the adventures of the character played by John Dinner after the events of the suicidal squad, where he wJohn practically injured of death. In the waiting series clarify what happened to the antihero and the threat that he will have to face to return to action.

Peacemaker premieres at HBO MAX The next January 13, 2022 with its first three episodes.

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