In 11 years after the original Diablo 2 Leisure regulate job balance

This job balance adjustment, and ladder additions are searched. Blizzard Entertainment (Bleed sad) has released the contents of the 2.4 patches through the official website of today (16th).

The most noticeable thing is 1.13C Patch is a job balance regulation to proceed with about 11 years. Although specific numerical changes have not yet been disclosed, Blizzard predicted the balance regulation of all jobs that exist on Amazon, Assassin, Arrives, Druid, Code of Assassin, Atari Province, Druid, Code of Conduct, Ghost, Elementary School.

First, Amazon is upgraded by the Bow Skill, which is poor, and the assassin is buffed with weapons and some trap technology. The barbarians will be reorganized for combat technologies such as shouting and leaf attacks. Druid is a buff, as well as cold, flame skills and summoning, as well as in the bear transformation. The Code Bone Technology, the poison of the poison and bone technology, the palace of heaven, and Fashion, the elements were predicted in the balance regulation of the cold armor and the Hell fill.

Patches on mercenaries that have received many users’ feedback. In addition to desert mercenaries in preferred desert mercenaries, improvement work is expected to take advantage of various methods such as strengthening identity, while strengthening identity.

It is also noteworthy about the ladder. Unlike the took the ladder period of six months, the ladder period of is expected to be reduced to four months. On the other hand, the composition of the ladder is composed of four items such as general, hardcore, general expansion pack, and hardcore extension pack, equivalent to the original. begins early next year.

A new run wood (Rune) item is also added. The rune word can be unlocked in the ladder system, and after the season is over, the ladder character of the user who created the Rune word is moved to the ‘non-waters’ version. In particular, Blizzard is a new run wood word, which is good to compatibility with the mercenary balance control and mercenaries changes, and is expected to increase the value of Rune Word through 2.4 patches.

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Blizzard is I will find the optimal rotation that meets expectations to create a quick new ladder. I will continue to comment on the community, he said. Thank you.

2.4 Patches are scheduled to be applied to this game at the beginning of the public test server (PTR) in the early year. 2.4 For more information on patches, Blizzard Community Content Maker Robert Allele can be found through twist live-streaming to proceed at 4 am on the 17th of Korea.

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