Streamer Ludwig is not 2021 despite records in the Twitch

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Why I Left Twitch.

For the streamer Ludwig 2021 was a successful year. He could number more than doubled his followers on Twitch more and has also broken one of the greatest records of the platform. He is considered one of the most important Streamer of the year. Nevertheless, he is not mentioned in the review of 2021 by Twitch.

How was 2021 for Ludwig? In March Ludwig made with a special marathon many viewers on Twitch and many media in general attention. Because for each new subscription he extended the duration of his stream.

Such sub-marathons are not unusual, but usually ends after 24 to 72 hours. Not in Ludwig. His marathon began in mid-March and ended on 13 April, but only because he himself had a limit set — after 31 days deadline should be.

Even after the marathon Ludwig could inspire more than 15,000 simultaneous viewers almost daily. In total, he managed in 2021 at number 21 of the strongest growing channels and as for overall in the Top 100 average attendance.

landed Ludwig for the twitch annual review? No, as the streamer has found himself disappointed. Although he had even broken with his marathon one of the most important records on Twitch, he was removed from the twitch Recap for the 2021st

This means that if people have watched him in 2021, they did not see him still in their personal annual review. So if only Louis had looked would have seen no stream in the annual review.

On Twitter Ludwig wrote:

‘I’m depressed that I was completely removed from the Twitch Recap. Although I understand it from a business perspective, it’s still sad to be deleted from the year of so many people. Thanks to all that I have watched. I appreciate you very much.

Why was Ludwig canceled? The reason for this may be his move to YouTube, which he took in December. Although he was active 11 of the 12 months of 2021 on Twitch, you do not see Ludwig in retrospect.

Twitch loses his golden boy, who in 2021 broke the subscription record

What was this a record? During the marathon, Ludwig was filming the whole time. Participate in the audience at his entire life. He showed up while gambling, on talk-rounds, while cooking in the kitchen and even while sleeping. And honored the crowd:

Overall, Ludwig was 726 hours at a stretch online, where it has complied with its 8 hours of sleep per day.
He has served about 1.17 million euros in the period, according to estimates of the fans.
He was the clear number one on Twitch in the last days of the stream.
Ludwig won more than 230,000 subscribers. He broke the old record Twitch, the ninja had set 2018th

Although remained of the money not much for Ludwig yourself, as Twitch and the tax office suffered a little from the revenue, and he also paid $167,000 to his mods and donated US $233,000. But for streamer and especially for the platform Twitch was the event a huge success and generated a lot of attention.

Some fans even told proud that they were there when was written Twitch history.

Why joining Ludwig then the platform? end of November told Ludwig that he will switch to YouTube. As a reason named Ludwig, that he had this love never get from Twitch While love and people called him a golden boy of Twitch but.

During the negotiations with YouTube Twitch he had a better offer asked, but received none. YouTube again fought for him.

Funnily enough, Ludwig has been banned since joining directly three times in a week:

2019 was adopted shroud nor Twitch

As Twitch has dealt with other streamers? Ludwig is by far not left the first known streamer which Twitch. It began with his 2019 Ninja and shroud, which both moved from Twitch to blender.

The shooter Streamer shroud devoted Twitch even has its own farewell video, where they also campaigned clever for themselves with it.

They showed the rise of a streamer to the top of Twitch, but at the same time as he gave a very small streamer 100 passes and said: This can happen to anyone here on the platform at any second.

That Streamer is now ignored by their bills and even excluded from the annual review, that is something new.

Generally, there are many streamers in recent months increasingly critical of Twitch. It is even said that soon more streamers will transfer to YouTube:

You’ll be alarmed if you see who enters next Twitch on YouTube

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