Rainbow Six Winning Winter Snow Brawl Event starts today

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Ubisoft announces that the new time-limited event for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Snow Brawl, which will be playable from December 14th and will be playable for three weeks until January 4th. Snow Brawl introduces a snowy Capture The Flag mode in which the opposing team’s flag must be taken back to your own base to get a point.

The trailer to Snow Brawl can be viewed here:

Equipped with unlimited snowballs as a main weapon and the Snow blast Launcher as secondary weapon, players will experience a frosty fight on a revised chalet card. Flags can be released by the holder or by turning off the carrier.

Faulty flags can be returned to the base by picking them up. Three hits put players except battle and send them to the reaction. The following boosts are available on the map: running speed, fire rate, air jab ammunition and health packages. The team, which has the most points at the end of the 10-minute round, wins — at gavel it goes into the extension, and the team, which achieves a goal first in the Sudden Death.

In Snow Brawl, two teams contact each other: The Blue Blades consisting of Ash, Blackbeard, Buck, Montage and OSA and the Orange Blizzard with Castle, Frost, Rook, Thorn and Vigil.

FIRST EVER Look At The *NEW* CHRISTMAS EVENT (Snow Brawl) For Rainbow Six Siege
The Snow Brawl collection contains 45 winter objects, including uniforms, headgear, matching weapons skins and operator card portraits for the members of Orange Blizzards and Blue Blades. Snow Brawl also introduces the snowflake bundle containing a signature weapon, a Universal Attachment Skin, a Talisman and a background.

The Snow Brawl collection packages can be obtained by completing special event challenges or by purchasing 300 R6 credits or 12,500. All, who log in to the game during the Snow Brawl Events, get a free collection package and another a week when you complete the weekly challenges. The collection objects can also be purchased as individual packages for 1680 R6 credits.

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