The next game of Peter Molyneux markets with NTFS

Peter Milieux is possibly one of the most important personalities in the gaming industry. Beyond the controversy with his new video game study, the legendary French developer has always sought to innovate in virtually all the projects he has been involved and that will not be the exception with Legacy, his new title that he will sell with NFTs.

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Legacy is a title focused on the management and creativity of the user, but now it will be modified to achieve the market of the NFTs. To do so, 22CANS, Study of Milanese, has allied with Gala Games, a company specialized in technology Blockchain.

Its objective is that players can create their own business and can design their own products. All this will be handled through Land NFT, a business association. If you own one of them, you can have access to Legacy Keys, a digital token that you can share with all those who want to play besides that certain benefits may be obtained being trading partners.

All transactions will be made by LegacyCoin, the cryptomoneda created specifically for this game. Apparently, the acquisition of Legacy Keys will serve for loans, until trade within the economy of the game, the acquisition of exclusive NFT game elements and much more.

Editor’s note: Frankly, the NFT market is already beginning to be saturated, and I believe that all these video game companies trying to join him will not benefit. We have seen that Ubisoft soon will also do it with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and hopefully this trend will not spread to other important publishers out there.

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