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When the official announcement came in September 2018, that Game-forges Telltale, known for its interactive and decision-making adaptations, famous pop culture franchises like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, his doors closes his doors were players and Fans told the least shocked.

Meanwhile, the long snow of yesterday and the game development at Telltale is in full swing, because the Studio 2019 was bought by LEG Entertainment. In addition to the recording of old projects you are also diligently accessible with new works. And one of them was only revealed at this year’s Game Awards: The Expanse — a Telltale Series.

What’s behind The Expanse: A Telltale Series?

The focus is on the course of the Condensing Science Fiction Series, but the video game adaptation should play before the actual series, so it is a prequel. The main character will be Lamina Drummer, the leader of the Ragtag, which is played by Cara Gee.

Players have to work with a mix of great personalities, saying against a bloody mutiny, explore different places beyond the belt and, above all, making difficult decisions that affect the fate of the spaceship Artemis and his crew, it says Telltales.

The whole thing is co-developed by Deck Nine, which last for Life is Strange: True Colors responsible. When The Expanse: A Telltale Series will appear and for which platforms the new work from Telltale will come, unfortunately not yet revealed.

What is the Wolf Among US 2?

In a blog entry, however, not only they newly announced the expanse, but also to The Wolf Among US 2. Namely, the Game Awards 2019 was revealed that this is in development again. At Telltale, you are well aware that fans like to have a few new info despite all patience and support.

You can still not share anything, but very soon you wanted to answer some urgent fan questions. In issue 342 of the magazine Game Informer, you should look forward to detailed information about upcoming Telltale games, working with a new engine and the construction of a brand-new studio.

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