Gaming notebook instead of graphics card Tips for technology and purchase as well as market overview

purchasing decision: notebook instead graphics card or PC?

Anyone who wants to assemble a gaming PC or want kitchen an existing PC for the latest games, is confronted for months with extremely high graphics card prices. An alternative may be a gaming notebook. Of course, a decent gaming laptop costs more than a new graphics card, even if one considers the current high price of 3D accelerator. But who needs new anyway an entire PC or wanted to replace than just the graphics card when upgrading more, look around devices Gaming is certainly in mobile. Especially, of course, even if you may already play with the idea of ​​buying a notebook.

Some may just want to be a little more flexible in terms of the work or play, others a notebook for work or training makes sense — for a certain charge then gaming power in it. Today we look at the advantages and disadvantages of notebooks and also provide a market overview of current notebook models and series. We will use the notebook hardware assess their performance with respect to, or at least try. Because the manufacturers have here, especially in graphics card rooms, so that a clear statement hardly possible.

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arguments for Notebook

The advantages of a notebook are easy to derive and result from the compact design and the optional operation per battery. With a notebook, you can work anywhere or play, except the external conditions, it can not — in the pouring rain one should, for example, not necessarily without rain protection a game CS: GO play in the garden.

Otherwise, a notebook allows many locations, which may be useful mainly for families or shared flats. Because you can always retreat to where it’s just quiet. But regardless of times you can on the sofa thoughts straggle, sometimes at work desk and even in the kitchen using the notebook, maybe just to follow the latter when cooking the way a TV stream. And of course you can use the notebook outside the home, which may be for work or education even essential primary. But for the holidays, a notebook is a nice thing to dip the end of the day a little more in a role-playing game world or kill even in bad weather throughout the day in addition to a few opponents time.

Asus TURF Gaming A17 series Source: Asus who has little space at home or bothers visible in space technology, has also that you can leave your laptop quickly disappear the advantage when you do not need it. Thanks to the fact that the notebook has its own screen, it takes only a small footprint away, especially if you can cope with the touchpad for cursor control well. By the way, the hardware in a notebook is very efficient, the demand for electricity so that less than with a desktop PC. This effect but one should not overestimate — especially in office mode PCs are also very efficient. On the Internet there are some electricity cost calculator, which however are not particularly accurate. There, a PC is often more assumed than 400 watts of electricity demand, which is already very high side even at full load for a gaming PC. In no case should a gaming notebook purchase for the reason because it is believed, thus saving a lot of money within a few years.

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