Secondary battery industry perception fluctuations What happens to the battery industry this year

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The industrial paradigm is being reorganized into eco-friendly environment. The mobility is also true. The battery market is growing rapidly as electric cars are on the future of ‘ride’. The battery is an important component that accounts for 40% of the electric car costs. The market went through the war-goal war of the global dinosaur battery company. Among them, the Domestic Battery strikes three intense leadership.

Especially this year, the K-Battery’s three-year-olds were cold. SK Innovation and LG Energy Solutions, and the subsidiary of the LG Energy Solution, and the global finished cars for the second company’s subsidiary, global finished cars for global production bases,

■ LG Chemical VS SK Innovation Battery 2-Year War Periods

LG Chem, which is triggered in 2019, and the accomplishment of SK Innovation conventions continued this year. This convention was launched in 2019 LG Chem (LG Energy Solution Full body, November 28, November 28, 28, 28) in 2019,

At that time, the charges of LG Chemicals were raised by the LG Chem. Since 2017, LG chemistry argued that SK Innovation has signed a significant number of trade secrets with its secondary battery-related core personnel.

LG Energy Solutions asked SK Innovation and asked the US International Trade Committee (ITC) to prohibit their income in the United States against SK battery cells, modules, packs, and related parts, and materials. Delaware Federal Court also raised claims claiming.

At the end of the Last February last year, ITC finally decided to finalize the LG Chemical. ITC acknowledged the accuracy of SK Innovation’s sales secret infringement of LG Energy Solution.

SK Innovation, which was the 60th of the remaining veto, which could reverse the ITC judgment, The SK battery claimed that the massive job creation is absent, as well as the massive job creation is, and as a result, it would be to retreat the US electric car industry competitiveness.

If the LG Energy Solution also announces a large-scale investment plan, The disposal of imports will be made quickly, SK Innovation will be accomplished quickly, he said to the Armenian administration persuasion.

Last April Joe Biden, the LG Energy Solution and SK Innovation finally agreed to the end of the two-year laws before two years. The amount of agreement was 2 trillion won.

It was reported that the SK side was found to find compromise in situations that the SK side, and the LG side claimed 3 trillion won + A. As a result, all lawsuits between the two companies were taken. We agreed to have not been able to add more than the next 10 years.

SK Innovation must be paid from W2trn to LG Energy Solutions, but it became able to continue business in the United States. As the litigation risk of SK Innovation has been resolved, the uncertainty was carried out, and on March 12th, the secondary battery residents surged.

■ LG Chem, SK Innovation Battery part washing with injection

Last year, the battery partial injection issue, which is hot, which is hot, which is hot, and the year of the year.

Last year, LG Chem has confirmed its battery business headquarters. In the last year, LG Chem was about 10 years since he entered the field of electric cars, but it did not exhibit a lot of others. LG Chem has determined the injection to enhance its battery partial competitiveness.

LG Chem said, Considering the performance and market conditions of the battery business, it was said to be the optimal point of being re-evaluated and maximizes shareholder value. The LG Energy Solution is in LG Chem’s Battery Business Division and does not accept the value properly.

LG Energy Solutions have submitted a securities report to the Financial Commission on the 7th, and achieved in the full-fledged public procedure aimed at the Securities Market (KO SPI) listed on the end of January next year.

LG Chemical Secondary Battery Partial Injection led to a partial partition of SK Innovation. SK Innovation also had a wealth of the junction of the secondary battery industry that is expanded to the day of the secondary battery industry.

SK Innovation has opened the Temporary shareholder General Assembly in September and passed the approval issue of the Battery Business and the Petroleum Development Project (E & P) division plan. It was a suffocate of a small shareholder and a national pension, which is a small shareholder, but it was a relatively accomplished journal of the industry.

On October 1, SK Innovation’s battery affiliate SK on was launched. The president of the SK Innovation Battery Business, a new president, was a president of the Battery Business.

SK ON SK, SK on, SK ON will create the most secure, the fastest, the longest, the longest, I am going to build a reader management system for promptly responding to the market, strengthening business expertise and global competitiveness The battery industry will be a global leader in the global leader.

SK came to the gauge, which we plan to jump to the global leader by 2030. Currently, the world’s production greater has a 40GWH scale battery production capacity in 2023, 85GWH in 2023, and in 2025, 220GWH and 2030 to expand to over 500GWH.

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However, in the market, I expected to expand my investment over the IPO during next year. However, SK Innovation Kim Joon-joon did not specify the period.

■ K-Battery 3 — Global finished car, established a multi-raw front wire,

As the center of the battery industry was moved to the field of electric vehicles, the competition of the three domestic batteries in the domestic battery, which had an alliance with the finished car group, has become fiercer. In particular, K-Battery has recently made a groom for securing a global production base, including a recent core outpost base of automobiles and battery companies.

LG Energy Solutions have a clear alliance with the US finished car company General Motors (GM) and revealed the presence in the battery market. LG Energy Solutions established GM and jointly Ulthameles and builds 35GWH factories in 35GWH and Tennessee in Ohio. LG Energy Solutions have been known to have started mass production mounted on GM’s first large electric truck.

SK Innovation decided to build three battery factories in the United States with Ford. SK Innovation and Ford announced that he would invest a total of $114 billion (13 trillion won) (13 trillion won (13 trillion won) to build the battery plant and electric car assembly plant in the two regions. Ford is the largest scale investment in 118 years. Until now, the battery factory in the United States is the largest prayer among the factory investment.

SK Innovation is a great investment that will emerge as a leading battery in the United States as a large investment. Including the factory that is alone in George, USA, only 150GWH production capacity is produced only in the United States.

Samsung SDI declared the most late US market entry into the US market. In October, we have made a work agreement (YOU) for Stealth and Electric Vehicle Battery’s joint venture. Both companies are based on this work agreement to build a production plant in the US electric car battery production plant.

Samsung SDI has also been in the US local candidate review. Specific investment amounts and joint ventilation are not disclosed, but the industry is expected to invest in minimum units in the industry. The joint venture will produce electric vehicle battery cells and modules on the first half of 2025 to 23GWH scale in the United States.

On the other hand, the current North American battery market is the leading LG Energy Solution, followed by selling, followed by selling. Currently, only production in the United States, only 185GWH is reached. It is 3 million units in electric car volume. SK on to Ford and large-scale joint venture is chasing LG Energy Solution with 150.5GWH.

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