Pok mon Legends Arceus mocks a new Hisuiano Pok mon

Pokémon legends: Areas has begun his next Viral Pokémon revelation, which is probably a mockery for a Hessian form of one of the strangest original Pokémon. The official Twitter account of Pokémon was taken recently by Ball Guy, the mysterious pet that distributed Poke Balls rare in Pokémon sword and shield. In a couple of tweets, Ball Guy asks players to collect several poke ancient balls That dropped through the Pokemon legends: Areas Website. Following that link takes visitors to a page full of ancient Poke Balls, which players must collect. However, several of the Poke Balls exploit randomly, which makes the page (and the Poke Balls) reinitiate.

So, what does this strange acquisition mean? Well, it’s almost certainly we’re going to get hit for Volt orb and Electrode. Volt orb looks like a Poke Ball to the point that they are confused with Poke Balls in nature. When it is upset, Volt orb tends to explode… which is probably what we are witnessing now.

Since Poke Balls received a redesign in Pokemon legends: aqueous to reflect the different age in which the game is developed, many fans (and several assumptions) believed that Volt orb and Electrode were candidates for a new form regional variant, similar to several Other species of Pokémon. So far, The Pokémon Company has confirmed that Grow lithe, Breviary, Zora and Forward will receive new forms in the game, and the progress of tonight is a very important track that two other Pokémon species will get new designs. Because the HESSIAN EYEBALLS are made of wood, we assume that the HESSIAN COLOR will be GRASS / ELECTRIC, a combination of types previously limited to the Mow Room form.

The mockery also shows several new Pokémon designs that will appear in the Pokémon: Areas. You can see new designs for Heavy Ball and Great Ball among the balls that mess up the web page. In particular, the Pokémon legends: Areas The website establishes that Heavy Balls have such a broad reach as other Poke Balls, which means that players should be physically closer when they try to catch Pokémon.

Something Weird is Happening on Pokemon Legends Website...New Hisuian Pokémon Incoming?!
Pokémon Legends: Areas will be launched on January 28, 2022.

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