Twitch star Gaules starts podcast with football

With Gauges and Ronaldo come together two people who are considered stars in their own, extremely different areas. Alexandre Gauges CORBA is Twitch Streamer with more than three million followers, known above all as former Counterstroke Professionals and Trainers. Ronaldo, on the other hand, who is called full name Ronaldo Luis Mazarin de Lima is a world-famous football professional in retired.

Despite the different backgrounds, the unequal duo now wants to start a podcast. That should be due to the fact that the former football star Ronaldo had recently begun to stream on Twitch and be regular in the shooter Call of Duty: War zone shows.

These are the most important information about the upcoming podcast of Ronaldo and Gauges

The podcast should run under the name Podcast Phenomenon, the latter is Portuguese and means phenomena. Among other things, the name stems from the Brazilian background of the two as well as the fact that Ronaldo is known in his homeland as Ronaldo Phenomenon, which he thanks to his legendary football career.

The podcast is to go to the start in January 2022. Although only ten consequences are planned, but if the show of the two becomes so successful as they expect, fans may certainly look forward to further episodes. What is the content of content, you have not yet won, Gauges and Ronaldo want to betray more in the first episode.

In addition, already several performances of other prominent guests are planned, first of the well-known footballer Neymar is the honor. For the third episode you also invited Tiago Seifert, a Brazilian journalist and TV presenter. As soon as the podcast starts, you will be able to watch it on the Twitch channels from Gauges and Ronaldo.

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