Pok mon Go Mega Stahlos Current counter

After mega-absolutely, it seems like again in the monthly distance new mega-pokémon in Pokémon Go, although the playful success of these mega developments is more than questionable. Or do you always hunt for the latest MEGA-MON, if you appear? If so, then: Mega-Stahlos is now with the season of the origin in the game and can be challenged by you again and again in the mega-raids.

Do you want to put the steel floor chunk and then unlock the mega evolution? Remember: In order to collect the mega energies for a mega development of steels at all, you have to successfully complete the fight for a few times. So do you want to accept the challenge? Well! Because we have the current Mega-Stahlos counter-guide for you!


Mega steels in the RAID

Mega-Stahlos is like steels themselves a Pokemon of the types of steel and soil, so your selected attackers should have attacks of types of battle, soil, fire or water to move the 51.414 WP from mega-steelos away. Recommended are for the fight four coaches, if you do not have the optimal counterattack available.

Crypto-Pokémon are now a valid option for many RAID fights, albeit expensive to levels. We still take the Crypto-Mon into the list!

Mega-Stahlos: Current counter

Mega-Glurak y with fire vortex and Lohekanonade
Crypto Lava dos with fire whirl and heat collector
Crypto Mahomes with counter and wuchtschlag
Crypto Sump ex with clay shot and aquaubeat
Mega-Turtok with aquaknarre and aquaubeat
Crypto Plural with fire vortex and Lohekanonade
Mega-Glurak X with fire vortex and Lohekanonade
Crypto Haryana with counter and wuchtschlag
Megafarads with cascade and hydro pump
Crypto DEI with fire tooth and heat collector
YESHIVA with fire tooth and heat collector
Crypto Grades with cascade and hydro pump
Crypto Brand with fire tooth and hydro pump
Mega dog moon with fire tooth and flame throw
Lucio me counter and aurasphere

Pokémon Go: Catch Mega-Stahlos

As already known, after a victory over a mega-pokémon, she does not get mega-steelos, but a normal steels. Have you successfully completed the fight against Mega-Stahlos, followed by the duty the freedom, and you have the chance to banish the pocket monster in your Football? Then Stalls on stage 20 has 100% -IV values ​​over 1,379 CP. Stalls is boomed on stage 25 in sunny weather or snow, it has more than 1,724 CP with perfect 100% -IV values. We wish you much success in the hunt!

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