W ber about Salzburg s decision making game in the Champions League The pressure is clearly at Seville

For Austria’s champion Red Bull Salzburg, on Wednesday, a quasi-final is on the program, where it decides whether the Mozartstädter in the Champions League winter, the passage to the Europa League must compete or even completely empty. Before the decision match against Seville, central defender Maximilian Weber pushes the ball to the guests.

We still have a great starting position, a draw ranges. The pressure is clearly at Seville, said Weber in front of the match. The 23-year-old will be injured, as he could not recover from a muscle fiber rope in time.

Previously, two match balls have already been awarded in Wolfsburg (1: 2) and Lille (0: 1), due to the balanced table constellation, everything is still possible — from the altogether in the premier class to exit from European competitions. A Salzburger Horror scenario would be when Seville takes the three points and Wolfsburg plays Lille at the same time. Then only four place would be to beech.

We have said team of team and in any interview that we look from game to game. The expectation, Salzburg has to create this historical ascent, rather came out of the media. We try the best and look at what comes out in the end, reassured Weber.

Weber: Faith, this feeling is still there

After the first three match days Salzburg was still on the group tip with seven points. The start gave us a perfect ‘Boost’ and I think this feeling is still there, the Salzburg defensive chief continued to optimistic.

In the defensive, Red Bull Salzburg has always improved greatly. We are no longer susceptible to the system because of the system, because we have four really central midfielders, which I can retrieve as the central defender for a better residual defense, said Weber and added, Of course we still lack this zero game in The Champions League, but at the level it is simply extremely difficult to defend any situation.


But there would be currently in the offensive a little of the worm inside. The native of Viennese stressed: The first contact is often sloppy, the last pass is often not good. And then we lack the playback in one or the other situation.

Red Bull Salzburg joins without viewers

Salzburg has to do without fans on Wednesday evening due to the Corona measures. A HERBERT disadvantage. Nevertheless, Weber dreams of the climb in the second round of the Champions League: This is certainly lacking a mental factor that could push the team in certain situations again and once again in the last few minutes could scare a few percent. But we have to do that Accept, everyone knows the situation in the country. And I think we’ll go through our plan.

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