Biathlon Season of ladies missed podium in stersund

The German biathletes have missed in the first season of winter the expected podium scarce. Here you can once again read the race in the Live ticker.

Vanessa Vogt, Denise Herrmann, Janine Hectic and Franziska Press came in bitterly cold Öresund to 4×6 km in fifth place on the podium were missing despite a good shooting performance with only four spare rounds 17 seconds. Largely due to lower mileage of Hectic cost the podium.

The quartet from France won at minus 13 degrees, also with four spare rounds in 1: 10: 30.3 hours confidently ahead of Belarus (0 penalties + 6 Schrader / + 57.9 seconds) and Sweden (2 + 11 / + 1: 09, 6). Vogt jumped clear in their season debut in the World Cup as a starting runner, Herrmann held the German quartet despite three spare rounds in third on podium course. The flawless Hectic then lost a lot of time, could not make up for Press.

In France the team of the German Ski lacked ultimately 1: 26.8 minutes. On Friday it continues in Hochfilzen for the biathletes with the third World Cup of the winter. There are also sprint, relay and pursuit of the program.

Biathlon: Season of the Ladies in Öresund today in Live Ticker — For Further Reading

Goodbye! We say goodbye to the first season race of the biathletes in Öresund. It continues in Sweden at 15:15 with the persecutors of men. The women engage next week in Hochfilzen. We are also re-live!

Swiss women in the top ten: For the athletes from Switzerland we went early on only for a place in the top ten. With one penalty and rich twelve spare rounds, they found themselves at number nine. Huge disappointment might be the season from Austria. Runs Rich went absolutely nothing and before houses could go to the track in the team, there was the lapping.

Vogt convinced at debut: In the German team was certainly have been possible today, and especially Janine Hectic was disappointed. At the shooting she was able to go along, but on the track the residue was enormous among the best. She has lost on the six kilometers to the fastest runner 1:36 minutes. So it was not enough then, despite only four spare rounds to more than fifth place. Vanessa Vogt could excel positive as the start runner. She was always there and could both go with the shooting and on the track.

France confidently: The first season this year comes after a strong performance at the French women. The team was from the beginning the forefront especially in and the rear groups really strong way. Today, the Swedes should especially the two Berg sisters celebrate. You have brought out by great distances covered a lot and ran until third place forward.

Sweden wins sprint duel: Second place also goes to the sovereign Belarus senses. In third place it comes to tight fight between Norway and Sweden. Who will take on the last place on the podium? It is Sweden. What a performance after two penalties! Norway ends up in fourth place. Germany takes fifth place with.

Biathlon: Season of the Ladies in Öresund today in Live Scores — France victory

France assures victory! Justine Braisaz-Bouchet has arrived in the target and is received by teammates. With only four rounds, strong terms, the French women were unbeatable today. It will be long before the competition enters.

Braisaz-Bouchet picks up the flag: Justine Braisaz-Bouchet has up front time enough and the French flag can grab from one of the Managers and let loose coasts.

Sold settles: Hanna Sold can increase their lead somewhat and now 19 seconds gap to the chasers Belarus place should be safe two behind France. Behind fifteen Norway and Sweden for third place, because Press could no longer on the track out.

Biathlon: Season of the Ladies in Öresund today in Live Scores — 8. Shooting

Last Shooting: To second place, it is meanwhile exciting again! Hanna Sold wobbles for Belarus and will have to reload twice. Is the door for the competition now open? Sweden and Norway are also at the shooting range. Both start strong, but also need to resort to the spare rounds. And suddenly Franziska Press is then back in business! The German skin around the discs. Sold is 14 seconds ahead of Norway before the final round. Sweden follows a further four seconds back. Press hard ten seconds behind the podium.

Last Shooting: cheer the French team! Justine Braisaz-Bouchet leaves during their last shooting burn anything. They skin the shots are the only way to the finish and comes with a huge lead over the final kilometer this season.

Roseland shortened: Mate Olsen Roseland tries to practice pressure before shooting and reduces the residue towards the Swedish runner. Prussian could not catch up.

Austria is out: The Austrian season in turn is already out of the race. Due to the slow maturities and the penalty, the override was not to be avoided. What a bitter race! Selina Gasparino keeps her team meanwhile in the race. On place nine is on the track.

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Öresund today in Live ticker — 7. Shooting

7 . Shoot: Franziska Prussia also has to reload and again loses a few seconds towards Sweden in third place. Norway now moves a bit away after Mate Olsen Roseland remained without error. Prussian goes back to the round place.

7 . Shoot: Hanna Berg relies on risk and skin your shots quickly. A tactic that pays off. It must be reloaded, but remains on the Belarus in turn and holds third place.

7 . Shoot: Justine Braisaz-Bouchet is for the French season at the lying stop. The first four shots are sitting, at the last they need the prosperous and sprints again, before the first pursuers enter only. It must properly pat right in the standing stop, so that the competition still has a chance.

Norway and Germany together: Franziska Press is currently working together with the Norwegian closing run Mart Olsen Roseland. Lacking forward 1:39 minutes, but to third place is still possible with a good half minute!

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Öresund today in Live ticker — 3rd change

Last change: In place Nine, Switzerland comes to the final change in this relay race. Nothing is not much forward. Nearly a minute is already missing too.

Last change: Elena Kruchinkina has also completed her part and comes with 1:08 minutes behind the change. She sends Hanna Sold on the thrilling closing part. Thanks to a strong term of Elvira Berg, the Sweden could be returned. They complete the change to position three. Norway and Germany are four and five on the places. For Germany Franziska Prussian is sent to me.

Last change: Elena Kruchinkina has also completed her part and comes with 1:08 minutes behind the change. She sends Hanna Sold on the thrilling closing part. Thanks to a strong term of Elvira Berg, the Sweden could be returned. They complete the change to position three. Norway and Germany are four and five on the places. For Germany Franziska Prussian is sent to me.

Last change: It goes to the last change and the French team completes with a huge lead! Justine Braisaz-Bouchet takes over a minute lead to competition on the finals six kilometers.

Berg really makes steam: What a pace, which Elvira Berg submits here! The Sweden shows why is feared in the trail and actually snapped Janine Hectic and is now in third place.

Criminal trial for Switzerland: For Switzerland there is the first penalty at today’s season day! Thus, then the residue also grows significantly. The top ten are the maximum, which is still in there today. And Austria can not avoid the penalty.

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Öresund today in Linebacker — 6. Shooting

6 . Shoot: class! Janine Hectic makes a really great figure on the shooting range, and it goes back to the route with zero. The distance to the Norwegians has also grown again. Since Germany should actually switch to third place.

6 . Shoot: Elena Kruchinkina is now there for Belarus. Lets you open the door for Hectic now? No! She remains calm and with only one night loader she can place two place behind France for her team. With 53 seconds behind it goes back to the track.

6 . Shoot: Julia Simon is back on the shooting range. With a good 40 seconds, the experienced Frenchwoman has a good upholstery. Since it can actually keep calm and complete the standing stop without pressure. And she does it too! Simon starts slowly, then she gets faster and faster and is already traveling again when the first competitor begins.

Tandrevold lurks behind Hectic: The Norwegian season lurks at 14.8 kilometers on the German girls. A good 13 seconds Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold is still to Janine Hectic. Sovereign and He’s peak still lies Julia Simon for the French squadron.

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Öresund today in Linebacker — 5. Shooting

5 . Shoot: AITA Gasparino can also catch up on shooting for Switzerland. There is a place forward at position six. Meanwhile, the Swede fights against a native backdrop for connection, and it should not go out with the dream of home win. With two recharters Elvira Berg falls back a few places. 1:41 minutes behind it takes you on the next round.

5 . Shoot: It’s going well! Janine Hectic comes with a quick shooting and without latch. Although not clearly, Simon gets up clearly, but the Belarus sin makes them important seconds well.

5 . Shoot: Julia Simon lies on the mat and starts her shooting. How does she get away? Orderly. You need a prospector, but the leadership can assert them. Elena Kruchinkina from Belarus acts much restless and now needs the second latch. Maybe yes the possibility for Hectic to reduce the distance?

Simon is doing properly: Julia Simon makes the right pace and takes place in front of the lounger by 7.6 seconds from the competitor from Belarus. That gives her the necessary rest when shooting it, because there she has exposed more frequently this year.

Hectic loses: Little surprisingly, Janine Hectic loses at the top for the first kilometers. 51.2 seconds are missing to Simon, who could settle something from the Belarus sin.

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Öresund today in Live ticker — 2nd change

2 . Change: It takes a long time, until then the Austrian season completed your change. With a post-loader, the team has the best balance on the shooting range, but that does not bring anything if the mileage does not fit. 2:40 minutes Anna Coup takes on her six kilometers.

2 . Change: With a large residue of 1:05 minutes, Norway will come to the second change. Here Emhoff could not defeat her weakness while shooting and had to go to the penalty. Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold should set it up here. Switzerland changes on the sixth position and hack sends AITA Gasparino into the trail.

2 . Change: France and Belarus run the second change. Chevalier Boucher sends Julia Simon to the next six kilometers. At Belarus, Elena Kruchinkina is on the track. Germany changes with 46.3 seconds behind. Janine Hectic makes the next six kilometers.

Herrmann loses: Denise Herrmann tries everything, but the two leading athletes do not make it easy and enlarge the distance on the final round even. Shortly before the change, Herrmann is 44 seconds.

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Öresund today in the live ticker — 4th shooting

4 . Shoot: Tunja Doug continues to be a bank at the shooting range. In both shooting she came away without a prosperous. Unfortunately, it does not fit with her runner. Thus, the residue remains relatively large with over two minutes.

4 . Shoot: And Lena Hack also benefits from the patrons of competitors. She can shoot seven with a quick shooting. Italy comes back on the track in Siegen and the race is likely to run, because there are the weaker athletes. And Sweden? Bronson is really far back after two penalties and 1:34 minutes. There would have to happen a lot in front, if you still want to mix.

4 . Shoot: It goes back to the shooting range and now the high pace is noticeable in some probably! Only Dinar ALIMBEBAVA for Belarus and Anaïs Chevalier Boucher for France come without security through. It works very differently in Norway, Sweden and Italy who need to go to the penalty. This is now the great chance of Denise Herrmann to beat back. Can she use the benefits? And how! Although it also has to reload twice, but works through the mistakes of competition in third place.

Herrmann does not get any further ran: Denise Herrmann does not approach a few kilometers before the fourth shooting. Almost 13 seconds are missing to the top group.

Five athletes together: Five athletes are currently in a group at the top. Leadership is the season from Norway in front of France, Sweden and Belarus. Also, the Wearer has reconstructed for the Italian season. Denise Herrmann has shortened the residue from Germany to 13 seconds.

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Öresund today in Linebacker — 3. Shooting

3 . Shooting: Lena Hack tries to close the gap forward for the Swiss women, but after they also need a teacher to clear all the slices, their season continues to lose bottom. 47.3 seconds are likely to be difficult to cope. Tunja Doug also loses temporally, but at least brings her team to some places forward.

3 . Shooting: The group runs on the shooting range, and it goes into the lying stop. Tirol Emhoff starts quickly, but also has to accept the first error quickly. It makes it better Mona Bronson. The Sweden comes through with a lightning spelling and leads the field after the third shoot. Immediately behind her, Anaïs Chevalier Boucher and Tirol Emhoff go on the track. Denise Herrmann needs longer with her shooting and need to use a sublade cartridge. It goes back to the round with 16.5 seconds back to the round.

It puts together: It is more and more together and in the first group are now seven seasons are represented. Including Norway, where Tirol Emhoff is on the track. The Norwegian was still difficult for this season. Lena Hack can be found in place for the season from Switzerland.

Herrmann is attached to the top: Denise Herrmann turns on immediately and takes over the top in the classification after a few meters. Directly behind her lurks the Sweden Bronson. Anaïs Chevalier Boucher for the French people could do much floor. They are only 8.6 seconds. When changing, it was still good 16 seconds.

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Öresund today in Live ticker — 1st change

1. Change: At Vanessa Vogt it ran well, and the Germans come to the change at their first season. 7.4 seconds behind the Denise Herrmann is on the way. Sweden changes directly behind it five. Here Mona Bronson will run the second part. Switzerland changes at position at 38.3 seconds. Austria has lost again correctly and finds itself on the penultimate place again.

1. Change: It goes in the first change! Almost simultaneously, the seasons from Russia and Italy change. Here are Marisa Killing and Dorothea Wearer on the track. 2.9 seconds behind it then follows Czech Republic with Eva Puscarcikova.

Vogt shortens the residue: class! Vanessa Vogt picks up everything out and can shorten the residue slightly. 9.6 seconds are missing from Russia to the start run. Behind it is Italy and Czech Republic.

Vogt runs with Person: At 4.8 kilometers, Line Person has worked over from the Swedish season to Vogt. She had to accept two follow-up in her part. For Vogt it is now called trying to stay at the Sweden Franz.

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Öresund today in Live ticker — 2. Shooting

2 . Shooting: Amy Basra can not use your good starting position and for the Swiss it goes after three recovering some positions backwards. With 32 seconds behind the leading Russian, she accepts the final kilometers. Christina Raider needed only one toiler for Austria, but has already lost much in the trail before. 45 seconds is the residue for you.

2 . Shoot: It’s going to shoot the second and this time the athletes have to prove themselves in the standing stop. Vanessa Vogt remains full of himself again and completed their shooting. That pays off! She remains without mistake and goes behind the seasons from Russia, Italy and the Czech Republic in the last round. Top! Strong performance at the debut!

Large top group: Before the second shooting, there is a large lead group. In the middle, Basra is also back for Switzerland. This speaks that the pace was recently reduced. None of course wants to over pace before the second shooting.

Vogt works before: While the Canadian start run is crashing, Vanessa Vogt can work for Germany again a few places. The German season is in place five place behind Russia, Italy, France and Poland. Basra and Raider have lost ground for their season, but continue in the race.

Many without recharge: By the first shooting, the majority of the field without a tolerate has come through. Only the athletes from Italy, Sweden, Estonia and Bulgaria and Canada had to reload. Completely out of the race is not a team yet.

Biathlon 15km Einzel der Damen in Östersund 27.11.2021
Biathlon: Season of ladies in Öresund today in Live ticker — 1. Shooting

1. Shoot: It will be serious for the first time! The biathlete throw on the mats and complete the lying stop. Which season brings in the best position? The Russian Retsina makes the right pace and the cartridges only to the finish. But Amy Basra also makes a really great figure for Switzerland! She goes back to the track in second place. Vanessa Vogt can be more time, but also meets all slices without a to later. The same applies to Christina Raider for the OSV season.

Vogt mixes at the front with: Vanessa Vogt mixes the front for the German season at the front and brings in a good position for the same first shooting.

Basra in the top: Amy Basra has worked through the field at the first meters of the race and is now on a position in front of the large group. The tempo continues to present the season from Russia.

It bumps: It bubbles as usual shortly after the start, and it’s called for the athletes, take care that you do not fall over the skis or sticks of the others or the material destroys itself. The tempo work makes Russian Kristina Retsina.

The race is started: The starting signal has fallen and the starting runners of the 22 participating seasons are on the track. For Sweden, Line Person begins, Germany is Vanessa Vogt on the track. At Austria and Switzerland, Christina Raider and Amy Basra are the first six kilometers.

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Öresund today in Live ticker — start

Before starting: The temperatures in Öresund have fallen again, and the women meet in their race right on crisp minus 13 degrees. There is a slight snowfall. The winch on the shooting range are stable and feasible.

Before starting: Be little possible may also be for the team from Switzerland, which fights in Öresund with stable services. Amy Basra was set to the first place, for which it is also the relay debut and that he could put him Öresund already small respect. You follow Lena Hack as well as AITA and Selina Gasparino.

Before starting: The Austrian quartet is led as usual by Lisa Theresa Mauser. After her victory in the sprint and fourth place in the pursuer, she could already show in Öresund, in the season, but it is likely to be difficult with a good result. This lacks power density in Austria. For the season were nominated next to her Christina Raider, Tunja Doug and Anna Coup.

Before starting: In addition, you certainly have to have the team of the French on the note, especially the team of the French. Anaïs Second, Justine Braisaz-Bouchet, Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet and Julia Simon are always good for the podium in seasons and have a good start in the new winter. The extended circle of the favorites certainly also apply the Norwegians, which so far in the season but still faults.

Before starting: With big ambitions in front of a native backdrop, the Swedish athletes are certainly going to today’s season. The team leads the nation rating in the early season and with the sisters Hanna and Elvira Berg two of the best biathlete in their ranks. There are also Line Person and Mona Bronson, who also started with good results in the winter.

Before starting: Depending on the exit of today’s relay race, the ballets will not have much time to celebrate a good performance or lick their wounds. The next weekend is further in the Austrian hochfilzen.

Before starting: The German season goes as a co-favorite. The circle of the favorites also include seasons from Norway, Sweden and France. On Saturday, Franziska Prussian was the fifth-best German in the persecution.

Before starting: In Swedish Öresund, today at the end of the double world cup in Sweden, the first season race stands. It goes over 4 x 6 km with two shooting deposits for each biathlete on their round. For every shooting error, a penalty must be run.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Livestock the season of the ladies. It starts at 12.35 clock!

Biathlon: Season of ladies in Öresund today live on TV and Livestream

The graduates of the ladies will be broadcast live on WAS first and at Eurosport in Free TV. Of course, there is also the race to see in the Livestream.

The ARD can offer a free LiveStream on Sportsman.DE and in the ARD media library. In the Eurosport Players the season only with a paid subscription to pursue live.

Because the race today is shown live by Eurosport, also DAZN has the season on offer. The two EuroSportsters are prefabricated because of a cooperation with EUROSPORT 24 hours daily on the DAZN platform.

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