SteamForged launches the kickstarter campaign of Adventures Academia Dungeons Dragons

Stamford Ltd. A launched a new Kickstarter campaign to help produce the first product of a new line of miniatures with fantasy themes, with unique characters, traditions and some news. Calaboose and Dragons Mechanics. The Kickstarter campaign for Adventures & Academy: First Class was launched on Monday to finance the production of a new set of miniatures with the subject of the School of Magic. Similar to the popular animal Adventures also produced by Steam forged, miniatures are part of a new fantasy scenario that includes fully developed characters, some unique mechanics and more.

To get an idea of ​​what Adventures & Academy is about, spoke with Thomas Fishman, the creator and director of project art, by email. How long does Adventures & Academy take into development?

Thomas Fishman: Adventures & Academy: First Class was conceptualized for the first time more than three years ago. He had just made my first incursion in calaboose and dragons, and I inspired me to sculpt something related to my love for anime shows in school environments. As a professional sculptor in Steam forged, I produce a lot of personal work that rarely sees the light of day. But, in this case, that first sculptor became the Rifling cleric that the students sponsors now know as Arise!

In addition to the miniatures, what more do the sponsors get with their commitment?

FISHMAN: In addition to the 12 minis, sponsors will also get some exclusive gifts from Kickstarter! Each character comes with an exclusive luxury drop-down character sheet (or ‘folio’) that is compatible with 5E. These sheets include levels 1-3, a fast reference guide and special rules of the house, in addition to a unique ancestral weapon that levels with the character.

Sponsors will also receive a great Easter egg in the form of Animal Adventures Mini Crossover, Professor Pinkerton The Basset Hound. The original success of Animal Adventures: Dungeons & Doggies helped make possible Adventures & Academy by showing the concept, so it seemed right to give it a good time!

Professor Pinkerton is exclusive to Kickstarter and comes with a new Miniclade and personalized spells ‘Professor’.

Sponsors will also get a unique adventure in Digital PDF set at the Gran Academy and written by our own writer Nominated by Annie, Richard August (Animal Adventures, Epic Encounters, Dune: Adventures in the Imperial and many more). Richard will actually be the general director of a live broadcast of the game with Becca Scott and Good Time Society on December 3, so we are very excited about that!

In addition to the digital adventure, the sponsors will get downloads in PDF from all the characters sheets, a PDF template to create their own characters and also an accessible characters sheet template. There is also a PDF maps package that includes three highly detailed maps ready to print based on the Great Academy.

We also have a complement of exclusive first-class dice of Kickstarter in which, I will be honest, we probably exaggerate a little. They are dice made to measure in ruby ​​red and blue sapphire ombre, full of brightness and inked with gold, and come in a dark blue dice bag embroidered with the golden shield of the great academy. But who does not like mathematical rocks?!

One of the interesting parties of Adventures & Academy is that every house of the school is dedicated to three kinds of D & D. How did you decide what kind of character entered which house, and the houses have specific rivalries with each other or mechanical benefits when choosing a house about another?

FISHMAN: Choosing classes for each house was a very fun, but also important decision. Once we divide each class into their main mechanics, we discovered that it was actually quite simple to assign each class to a house.

The hardest thing was to find out where the druid fit. As sorcerers imbued with the power of nature, they fit both divine and arcane. But with his approach to preserving the balance and a greater purpose, we decided that they would feel more comfortable with the clerics and the paladins at House Divine.

There are mechanical benefits that all students obtain, and additional benefits based on their home. They obtain competition in at least two home-based skills and the ability to roll again a D20. House Might, for example, acquires competition in athletics and perception and can re-launch a D20 related to a gun attack or a shot of salvation related to strength, dexterity or constitution.

Because a student’s house is based on his class, the house rewards and allows them to take more risks and improve their unique skills, instead of providing any kind of advantage over others.

That said, from the perspective of tradition, there are certainly rivalries between each house! Although, for the most part, they are among the founders. For example, in tradition, it is well known that in its flying visits to the Academy, the founder of House Might, Timon, the sensitive magic sword, never loses the opportunity to tell a story of the madness of Selene, the founder of House. Guess. Apparently, the two can not even agree on how much do not please!

However, we have mechanically developed rules in which you can choose other characters as your best friend or rival. This will give you the opportunity to take advantage to help or protect your friend, or against your rival to get advantage in a competition.

Each miniature of Adventures & Academy represents a specific character instead of a generic miniature type. How did you decide the personality and history of these characters, and why did you opt for how to create miniatures for characters instead of opting for something more generic?

FISHMAN: The table role games are an incredible way to explore new characters and embrace the freedom and creativity of the player. But for me, personally, I find that it is not always easy from a blank canvas.

There are many options for generic miniatures out there. With Adventures & Academy, we wanted to provide a set of finely elaborate and carefully designed characters so that people use them as a launch platform for their own fantastic adventures and stories.

From the beginning, we had the intention of pouring love and care in the design and history of each student. We wanted to provide a range of identifiable, accessible and easy-to-play miniatures for new and younger players, at the same time we create a special but family experience for experienced role players.

Are there plans to expand Adventures & Academy beyond the Set First Class, similar to how animal Adventures now has multiple campaign configuration books and adventures?

FISHMAN: It would be absolutely incredible to expand Adventures & Academy! We can already imagine so many fantastic directions in which we could take it, and it would be an absolute pleasure to bring more colorful and diverse experiences to the desktop community.

With Kickstarter already financed and more than 1300 incredible people, each promise brings us close to a future that contains more stories, miniatures and adventures that surround the world of the great academy.

Magic schools seem to be particularly relevant to TT RPG at this time, with multiple series of transmission and products that touch the theme of magic school. Why do you think that magic schools seem to be appearing so often at this time?

FISHMAN: Life is really a learning experience and almost everyone can relate to your own experiences at school.

I like to think that using a school theme creates the perfect bridge between reality and fantasy. It is kind of family that many of us have experienced, but that is used in a way that teaches you something new, wonderful and magical.

It is also a very social experience, with games, fantasy, friendships, rivalries, competitions, all elements that go hand in hand with role games and provide opportunities for the interactions of the characters.

Of many environments that are found in popular culture, video games and anime, schools really provide that perfect crucible of social skills, activities and learning. And I think many creatives are based on that family experience.

Adventures & Academia: First Class Kickstarter Preview - 5e setting & adventure - Steamforged Games

Kickstarter for Adventures & Academy has already exceeded 300% of its goal of financing at the close of this edition.

You can see the full Kickstarter campaign here.

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