Nintendo Insider provides update about SPLATOON 3

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Nintendo insider reveals absolutely INSANE Splatoon 3 leak! (Yes, really!) | New plot details!

PLATOON 3 is programmed to launch in Nintendo Switch in 2022, but it seems that fans will not have to wait until next year to get a game update. According to a reliable filter @ Samushunter2, Nintendo will provide new information about Platoon 3 before the end of 2021. Unfortunately, it did not offer specific information about what we will see, but apparently we can also expect new illustrations related to the series. That new art will probably be related to the Christmas season, since Nintendo has launched similar art in previous years. However, as with any rumor, readers who take this with a grain of salt are recommended.

The original Tweet of @ Samushunter2 can be found embedded below.

Announced during the presentation of Nintendo Direct last February, PLATOON 3 seems to track the events of platoon 2 chaos vs. Order Splat fest. While it seems that the game will maintain the elements that have made a success in recent years, there are a number of unique new characteristics that should differentiate it from their predecessors. Players can expect to see a series of new weapons, new locations and important deviations of the first two games, such as the ability to choose a starting point in each game. Readers can get more information about the game here.

PLATOON 3 is one of several high-profile games scheduled to launch in Nintendo Switch in 2022. A final launch date for the game has not been announced, but it will debut in a year that you will see exclusive as Pokémon legends: aqueous, Mario + rabbi sparks of hope, Kirby and the forgotten land, Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp, and the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That is a pretty stellar alignment facing the new year, and it seems quite likely to see additional games announced in the coming months. For now, fanatics will only have to wait patiently to see what else will have to offer 2022!

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