PATH OF EXILE This old league mechanics flies out

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The Action-RPG Path of Exile loses a feature with the next patch that was over five years — the community is pleased. Because the developers have revealed that a league mechanism is removed from the game: prophecy. The prophecies of Naval came into play in 2016 and have rather annoyed many players in recent years: too many useless prophecies, while the lucrative prophecies as quest chains have repeatedly required the visit of low-level areas, which many players were too annoying. With the upcoming patch 3.17.0, Prophecy disappears from the game, as well as Operands in Patch 3.16.0. Such small prophecies were a nice side carrying income — but Players of Path of EXILE ignored prophecy partly simple. Source: unique fate

All changes by the removal of prophecy

The following changes are currently planned, but could still change:

Silver coins, sealed prophecies and fragments of the bleaching council are deleted from your inventory and your chest when you log in after the start of 3.17.0 next time.
Unique items that could be captured only as part of prophecies or in the fight against the bleaching Council, are included in the main game’s prey pool.
There are a number of unique fate objects that are not interested in our opinion to stay in the main game. The following unique fate objects will therefore only be available on the trade with other players in permanent leagues: Corona Polaris, crystal, skulls, death brewers, possession of the Edomites, Fuchsglück, Gierradifter, Honors Adhesion, Cold Sea, Kari attack, crown of the martyr, Swamp, Yamaha Wiki, Panquetzaliztli, world destroyer, bloody dance, shavronnes chess train, silver branch, sun gloss, the Effigy, the griffin, the oak, empty heart and wall made of thorniest.
In a few cases, we found it meaningful to keep certain unique destiny objects in the game. It made little sense for us to keep the basic version of the unique item. In these cases, we have deactivated the unique fate objects, but the respective unique base object is changed so that it feels identical or similar to the old version of the destination object. These include: Wintered, Greed after horror, rockfall, geometry Legacy, the iron fortress, dancing duo and timer.
Attires reflection is no longer considered a unique destination. The object can now be captured by over-atziri. Attires mirror can no longer be caught.
Unique fate objects that were not mentioned here will have the chance to be captured by each card boss. This is a temporary measure — in a future expansion, we would like to implement an interesting manner with which your unique fate objects and some other new items.
Existing items that provide prophecies as rewards, such as e.g. Spheres of the delirium or metamorph samples, are updated and now grant a different type of reward.
We add Lilly Roth as a new possible NSC for your hiding place. It will take over the prophecy cards of Naval and grant you access to your gems.
We are looking for ways to return certain rewards from other prophecies (such as the monstrous treasure) in a new way.
Production cards that grant sealed prophecies are redesigned in collaboration with the supporters they created. If you are a supporter who created such a card, please check the e-mail address associated with your Path of Exile Account on a message from us.

Path of Exile 3.17 The Removal of Prophecy Means We Lose Cool Uniques :(

Source: GGG

Great change for Vermin buy in Path of Exile

Of course, this huge circulation brings good as bad. Players complain, for example, that important, sometimes even build-crucial unique are removed, if they are not made available. For joy, it ensures that the NPC Lilly Roth can be placed in player hiding — it will manage the prophecy cards in the future. And she still sells skill gems, for which they had to visit them otherwise in the outpost. So a reason less to leave the hideout from which you visit the atlas of the worlds in the endgame!

Are you prophecy in Path of Exile (Buy Now) miss? Or can these old league mechanics remain stolen? We are looking forward to your opinion!

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