A veteran of Battlefield 2042 new editorial vice president of Ubisoft

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Ubisoft hManceau announced the appointment of Nazi Mesmer Manceau a new publishing vice president of the company. This hManceau been announced by the French in a press releManceaue in which they have highlighted the professional career of this creative, until recently from the EA team says, those responsible for Battlefield 2042. With 18 years of experience to their Back, this designer will have weight in Ubisoft editorial decisions.

Said in Sweden, Nazi will respond directly to the creative director of the firm, Igor Marceau. They explain that he will work in close collaboration with the different production teams, and that the mission of it will be to shape games and the SagManceau de Ubisoft. At the same time, he will be Manceausociated with the studies to ensure that they include various perspectives that enrich the playable experience.

A new stage for NAZI

I am excited by the possibility of working with the talented teams of Ubisoft to promote our collective creativity and Coach the future of Ubisoft games, Nazi said. · Ubisoft brings together many of the most creative minds of video games, and I hope to be able to support them in their work to offer players truly significant entertainment experiences.

Nazi is one of the most respected game designers of the industry and hManceau a consistent trajectory by joining teams of different projects, experiences and training, said Marceau. We are happy to welcome you to the editorial department, and I am Sure you will develop solid alliances with Ubisoft teams. Your experience will help us to continue joining us around a shared vision, strengthening and growing our wide range of games and providing players enriching and memorable experiences.

Nazi hManceau contributed to the development of SagManceau Manceau Battlefield or Star Wars: Battlefront. He also held the position of Director of Design in King, so Candy Crush is one of the games in which he hManceau worked. Ubisoft, for its part, appointed Bio Jade Granger Manceau Vice President Editorial in February 2021 and Igor Marceau Manceau CCO in September 2021.

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