Borussia Dortmund Marco Roses thought after the 0 1

Not even two minutes were played in Wolfsburg, when Out Warehouse completed a cross of Ride Baku with the breast into the long corner for VFL leadership. Nico Schulz and Mahmoud Aloud had left the flank encoder too much place, in the middle Manuel Kanji came too late and Keeper Gregor Nobel also looked something surprised in the attempt from a short distance.

The early residue for Borussia Dortmund after a week ago with the Champions League-from already badly bad week. But Marco Rose then reported he was very captured. For this, two thoughts shot into the BVB coach, as he betrayed, Zorch, meant sports director Michael Zorn, had previously reported that Wolfsburg did not get a point against Dortmund last year and did not even shoot a goal And he said that Defrost did not shoot any goal against Dortmund at all. Rose remained only a dry conclusion: I thought: All right, we can make a hook.

There it was a bit critical

Fortunately, from Dortmund er’s point of view, the remaining about 88 minutes plus injection time was much more pleasant, fight and joy of playing revealed in combination one of the best seasonal achievements, maybe even the best. That we got back to the first attack, after Wednesday, of course, was conceivable unfavorable, Rose was: The reaction was top.

Because the goal has made little with our self-image, we have controlled the game afterwards, good actions had to be forward and a total of little admitted. Although Wolfsburg painted between the 2-1 by Donnell (55th) and the decision by Erlang Haaland (81st) quite a few occasions: There it was a bit tired, because we lost a little game control.

Rose expresses clear demand for the top game

But, more compelling was over 90 minutes of BVB. We got out the penalty when we finally worked more consistently and concrete towards the opposing gate, said Rose and praised, We have really made a very good game for a long time. Above all, the Westphalia in the areas showed a better game in which it lacked in Lisbon: Consequence and uncompromising. We talked about a few things after Wednesday game, Rose revealed and was pleased to enhance improvement: How we force the penalty with consistent back and as Zeus pulls into the box, these are the things that we are here and Because there is still going on.

And because the success in Wolfsburg at the same time is the overture for the top game against Bayern Munich next Saturday, the coach connected its praising conclusion directly with an order to his team: That was a beautiful and important victory in the Bundesliga. Now There is the clear requirement that we stay tuned and sustainability in results and performance.

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